12 Christmas Crafts from #hoopla

12 christmas crafts12 Crafts of Christmas provided by hoopla.

Try hoopla this holiday season, all you need is a library card. A library card is the best present you can give someone.

To learn how to get started with hoopla streaming movies and TV shows visit the library’s Hot Topic – Hoopla.

Explore Native American Heritage with Library Resources

nahTo learn about Native American History visit the library’s Hot Topic – Native American Heritage or for younger students visit Homework Help – Native Americans.


Open Enrollment for Obama Care is now open.

2015 nv health linkNeed health insurance? Checkout your options for a 2015 health plan! Find a quality health insurance plan that meets your needs and fits your budget.  Remember: Enroll by December 15th so your coverage will start on January 1, 2015. Visit Hot Topic – Health Insurance for the latest information and where you can go to get help.

Important: Current customers will also need to re-enroll.

Are you a smart voter? Use Smarting Voting before you go to the polls.

vote smartLearn all the facts before you go to the polls or if you are new to the election process get all the information you need to know on Hot Topics – Smart Voting

Prevent Bullying, Save a Life

Why do kids bully other kids? What can parents and teachers do to prevent tragic results of a young life dying? With the recent death of an eleven year old child this week, this is a good time for parents and teachers to talk to their children.  The library has put together resources to help you with “the talk”.  Visit the library’s Hot Topic – Cyber Bullying and Bullying.  Here you find resources on how to stop a bully which include books, videos and vetted websites. Parents of teen age children may also want to checkout Parent’s Night – Talking to your Teenager. Parents of younger children can check out Parent’s Night – Talking to Your Kids. Don’t Stand By, Stand Up!