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Scholastic_Social Media GraphicDid you know, the best selling titles from Scholastic are now available in the Kids eReading Room?  Enjoy your favorite titles today.

P.S. Get the LEGO: The Adventures Of Clutch Powers at Hoopla for free!

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Are You Using BrainFuse? You Should Be!!

TeenReadWeekJobNow2Did you know 79% of the 8,096 who used BrainFuse in September said BrainFuse was helping them improve their grades?

That’s right!  So turn your dreams into reality by starting with BrainFuse.  You can find it on Databases A-Z and Hot Topics.

Take a look at what the students who used  BrainFuse last month had to say:

Rebecca was a very good tutor!
awesome program
Claudette is a good/helpful tutor
Love the tutors they are amazing and better at explaining than teachers
Byran72 (pretty sure that was his username) was a great guy to get help from. Give him kudos.
Excellent knowledge of subject presented by tutor
I love this program I really helps
Great services.
it great!!!
Service is very good.
Very good tutoring site for math help.
I am going to need this a lot this year.
It’s cool!
thank you. its those small details that make a differnce and it helps to have another set of eyes. TY

SIRS® Issues Researcher now looks smart on a smart phone!

cellphone inforgraphicNow formatted for easy screen reading on a variety of smart phones and tablets, today’s anytime-anywhere learner can access full-text and image information in the SIRS® Issues Researcher. Delivering a more seamless experience for the student using a mobile or desktop device, source information is displayed, making it easy to select articles, media or website links. Additionally, prominent one-click-link features foster collaboration with other students and make citation effortless with direct export to the EasyBib citation tool.

SIRS® Issues Researcher.  offers curated, unique content supported by Topic Overviews, Essential Questions and Viewpoint Articles—providing students with a solid foundation for understanding the pros and cons of 350+ Leading Issues. New features now available include:

  • Eight new frequently-debated current Leading Issues—including Antibiotic Resistance, School Environment, and World Cultures.
  • A new Infographics feature to provide students with quantitative data and graphics to address a question or solve a problem.
  • Three new teaching and learning guides correlating to Common Core Standards, providing deeper understanding of primary sources, statistics and infographics.

To access SIRS® Issues Researcher you can find it on Hot Topic – Leading Issues.

Big Library Read is Back! Join the Conversation.

http://ebooks.lvccld.orgBe sure to join the conversation on social media by sharing your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #BigLibraryRead. If you have any questions for Andrea, you can ask them via Twitter using the hashtag, and on October 20th we will post an exclusive interview with the author where she’ll answer your questions.

Get your copy of Anatomy of a Misfit today! Available in both eBook and eAudio book formats.

Read criticism and reviews of Anatomy of a Misfit in Artemis Literary Sources

Turn Dreams into Reality with BrainFuse – HelpNow and JobNow!

TeenReadWeekHelpNow Turn Dreams into Reality @ your library,  HelpNow and JobNow can help make your dreams come true!  Use the reading section of SkillSurfer to strengthen their comprehension skills.  They can also help turn their dreams into reality by using many other of the services offered.  CollegeNow can help simplify the college application process.  You can even prepare for standardized tests in SkillSurfer. LEAP helps you build academic skills through targeted lessons, quizzes, and live, online tutoring. LEAP creates your learning plan based on a skills assessment that you take at the beginning of the course. To begin learning, click on the link to one of the courses assigned to you in the “Pending Courses” section below. You can also click a completed course to review your work.


Have teens looking for a job?  They can check out JobNow for resources and resume assistance.  Encourage them to look at the new eParachute section which helps users determine career paths that fit with the skills and types of people they enjoy working with.  After they complete all the steps, they can even see suggested college majors and available positions.  In order to help celebrate, we created an image you can share with your teens on your social media, blog, etc.