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02-April2015JobNowLooks what’s new at BrainFuse HelpNow! eParachute is now available to help you discover college majors and careers to match your skills and interests.

Don’t forget about this week’s sessions on How to Find Your First Real Job with Nancy Spidle at these locations:

Las Vegas Library
833 Las Vegas Blvd. N.
Apr 8, 2015 at 4:30 p.m.

Spring Valley Library 4280 S. Jones Blvd. Apr 9, 2015 at 3 p.m.

Help! I got to write a paper! We Challenge you to use HelpNow Writing Lab!

01-April2015HelpNowWriting a paper or a an essay for college?  The Library can help you get a better grade!  Just upload it (it’s FREE!) to BrainFuse’s HelpNow Writing Lab and your will receive expert advice on how to make your paper better!

BrainFuse Loves Libraries! Do you love BrainFuse?

01 -BrainfuseLovesLibraries-HelpNowJobNowStudents who use BrainFuse, love it!  Just check out student comments below from January to see how much they love it!  If you haven’t tried BrainFuse why not give it a try? It’s FREE!

To get started with BrainFuse visit Databases A-Z and Hot Topics

Save the Date: Jack from BrainFuse is coming March 11th and 12th to a library near you. See the Events & Galleries section to find times and locations. He will show you how easy it is to use BrainFuse and JobNow and answer any questions you have.

great application better then other websites i have used in the past it brought my grade from D to A brainfuse.com
getting real smart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you it helped out i need to use
Nice teacher
Im improvign alot
Rosy is the best tutor ever I love this website.
It is the best I have never failed a page of homework!
You need longer sessions than 90 minutes. It’s just not long enough.
I am so glad this is offered in my library. Brainfuse tutor’s have helped me with my school work, or I would be failing my classes. Every tutor I have worked with has always pushed me to try my best. I am very fortunate to have this website. I have been using this website since I was in 8th grade and now that I am approaching my senior year I am sad that I won’t have an excuse to go on here anymore. This website has been my savior! Keep up the good work! 🙂 and thank you!
This is awsome
Thank it is a very respectful website.
it was pretty cumfusing but know i got my work done easier and quicker. But i want this to be more easier at first.
Thank you for providing this, it honestly clears the things I don’t understand in class.
dear, brain fuse brain fuse was awsome like so awsome when I heard about this touter I screamed loud thank you, Devin Harris
Very helpful
I would have no idea about all of my schoolwork without this service. This service and its tutors are amazing!
this is my first time
t gtcvtg d
Rosy was the best tutor Ever. She was very clear what she said and i hope i will have her again!!! Thank you so much Rosy!!!
thanks for all your help I feel a little more confident in doing my algebra
i am not a student, i’m 45 and tranferd from wa sh. dc to las vegas. 26 years of service and they iatse local{720}are making me take a math test,2x my last chance feb 10 adding and subtracting fractions in feet inches and fractions, to lowest form and im not getting it, need major help
not a student have to take math test foy my job

In 2015 I Will… Use BrainFuse HelpNow!

01-2015-HelpNowThe holidays are over and it’s back to school.  Let’s kick off the new year right with BrainFuse.  It will help you with your homework and get better grades!

Read below what Las Vegas students who used BrainFuse in December said about the help they received.
dec 2014 survey

My homework is really weird but it was alot of help.
This was great, whoever helped me did a great job and was really nice
My grades have gotten so much better since I’ve been using this website! I am so glad my local library offers this website for free. Now there is no reason for me not to do my homework!
It’s asomwe I love it helps me allot
Sehar is a great tutor! Helpful and informative!
This is a great homework help website. I have had great tutors and this is a great help thank you!
I love you
Thank you!
Very helpful.
James A01 is a great tutor!<3
I’m loving this ?????????????????
my grades are going up yeah
I love this it helps me get ready for my test.
its very great I enjoy it its helpful the tutors are vary nice and helpful really worth the time
Teaches better than most teachers
i love this app.
This is a very helpful software
I learn things better when I have someone to talk to, so this is really a good service to offer.


Are You Using BrainFuse? You Should Be!!

TeenReadWeekJobNow2Did you know 79% of the 8,096 who used BrainFuse in September said BrainFuse was helping them improve their grades?

That’s right!  So turn your dreams into reality by starting with BrainFuse.  You can find it on Databases A-Z and Hot Topics.

Take a look at what the students who used  BrainFuse last month had to say:

Rebecca was a very good tutor!
awesome program
Claudette is a good/helpful tutor
Love the tutors they are amazing and better at explaining than teachers
Byran72 (pretty sure that was his username) was a great guy to get help from. Give him kudos.
Excellent knowledge of subject presented by tutor
I love this program I really helps
Great services.
it great!!!
Service is very good.
Very good tutoring site for math help.
I am going to need this a lot this year.
It’s cool!
thank you. its those small details that make a differnce and it helps to have another set of eyes. TY