How Money Smart are you?

money smark middle schoolersAre you joining the fun Monday at the Money Smart Middle Schoolers’ event?  Did you know we have a Money Smart Hot Topic? That’s right! It’s full of information on money management and it has a fun page just for students. Play the games and take the quizzes to see just how Money Smart you are!

What could you accomplish with unlimited access to Value Line’s unbiased and comprehensive investment research?

valueline on tabletsWhat can this library resource do for you?

Having an accurate picture of your current investment portfolio is critical. The Value Line Research Center provides all of the information you need to evaluate your true position in the market, and offers both historical information and future performance projections so you can fully evaluate your choices.
• Study the historical data in the online databases for stocks you already own, and view projections for a wide array of stocks before you make a purchase decision.
• Enjoy unlimited online access* to our screeners to search for hidden gems and uncover stocks that could provide steady future income.
• Confidently diversify your holdings to spread risk evenly and protect yourself against sudden losses.
• Investment Research Newsletter – The Investment Research Newsletter provides insights and summaries of key events in the market, articles and supplementary reports designed to provide users with the most up to date information.
• The Convertibles Survey Newsletter – Each Friday, after close of business, you receive our Editor’s full weekly recommendations, Recently Proposed, and Especially Recommended Convertibles, Pending Redemptions and more!
• The Weekly Options Strategist – In addition to our twice-daily updates, the weekly newsletter reports on a variety of topics from strategies, tutorials and more!

Value Line Research Center is available at home or on-the-go with 24/7 online access with your Library card and PIN.

Do you know if you have opted in for debt and ATM overdraft coverage?

closeup of blank checkAn overdraft occurs when you spend or withdraw more money than is available in your checking account. Banks or credit unions can advance you money to cover the shortfall and charge you a fee. Know your options with these fees – read Do you know if you have opted in for debt and ATM overdraft coverage?