Explore Beyond the Page this Summer With This Idea.

artemis literary sourcesUse the tip sheet below as a guide for searching Artemis: Literary Sources to discover interesting things about your favorite authors and books.

Artemis Literary Sources Tip Sheet

To learn more about using Artemis Literary Sources visit Hot Topic – How to Use the Library Databases: GALE

Happy Birthday Walt Whitman! Explore Leaves of Grass in Artemis Literary Sources at #LVCCLD

leaves of grassIn honor of Walt Whitman’s birth, we used topic finder in Gale Artemis Literary Sources to uncover materials on his best works. You can use this feature to explore literary criticisms any day of the month!

What is a library? Is it just books?

libraries_knowledgeLibrary has more than just books. Discovery what the library has to offer at LVCCLD. Just hover over FIND INFORMATION on the library’s website and select HOT TOPICS.

Explore subject areas, where you will find a host of resources on each area.

Let us know what you discovered!

Did you know today is Limerick Day? See if you can find a piece of lit crit at #LVCCLD

limerickToday is Limerick Day. Address the controversy of this sonnet The Limerick: The Sonnet of Nonsense in a piece of lit crit from Gale Artemis Literary Sources.  Need help finding the criticism? Go to this link: http://bit.ly/1NcfcVP