Your Guide to eReaders and Library eBooks

Is Santa bring you an eBook reader this Christmas? Did you know you can get library eBooks for free to read on it?

All you need is a Library Card in good standing from LVCCLD, Nellis Air Force Library, North Las Vegas Library or Boulder City Library.

It’s easy, go to our eMedia Catalog, find a book to checkout, download it and enjoy your reading experience. But before you download your first eBook, review

All of these help documents are available on our eMedia blog eRead Me Vegas. While you are there checkout our eBook reviews and our FAQs, Tips & Tricks for your eReader.

Still trying to decide which eReader to buy for that someone special? Checkout our eReader Comparsion Chart and eReader Shopping Tips. Our last How to Buy an eReader Workshop is Thursday December 15th at the Windmill Library at 10:30am. Everyone is welcome, no registration required.

eReaders & Library eBooks

On May 7th at 10 AM we will be opening our new library – Windmill Library at 7060 W Windmill Ln. Las Vegas, NV.

The Virtual Library staff will be demonstrating  free eBooks and eAudio books available from the library and how to add them to your eReader.  Don’t have an eReader? We will have several eReaders for you to view and we can provide you with eReader purchasing suggestions. Staff will also be available to answer questions about eBooks, eAudio Books, MP3 players and eReaders.

Please visit with the Virtual Library staff between 10 AM and 2PM in the Windmill Library during our Grand Opening!

Giveways and refreshments will be available for all who attend the grand opening.

Getting Started with eBook Readers and eBooks

eBook Readers are hot! Are you looking to buy one soon? Do you want to be able to get eBooks from the library for free? Did you know not all ebook readers work with library ebooks?

To find out which ebook readers work with library ebooks review these helpful guides we have put together:

Short version of which eBook Readers work with Library eBooks includes information about the new Apps for iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

Join me March 8 at 10:30am to Noon at the Centennial Hills Library for a lively discussion on getting started with eBook Readers and eBooks.

When you get your ebook reader, open it, and need help visit eRead Me Vegas – FAQS, Tips & Tricks.

Remember the eMedia Catalog where you can download eBooks is open 24/7/365 days!

Santa Brought an eBook Reader!

Merry Christmas!

Did Santa bring you an eBook Reader?  If so start downloading books today!  Our eMedia Catalog is available 24/7/365.

Looking for ebook reading suggestions?  Be sure to checkout our eMedia tab on the Books, Movies & More page for great reading selections.

Also, keep up to-date  with what the library is ordering in eBooks on eRead Me Vegas.

Last but not least on our eMedia page we offering sources for ‘free’ ebooks which will work with your device. Just scroll down to the section labeled Free eBooks & eAudio Books to Download.

Enjoy your gift!

Review: NOOKcolor is at the top of my list

By Megan Greer Dec 16, 2010 11:18 AM

Although there have been aspects of all the devices I have reviewed that I really like, Barnes & Noble’s NOOKcolor is the first one I think I might actually purchase. Or at least include in my letter to Santa Claus (I should probably send that out since there’s only a week or so left until the big day).

The NOOKcolor is one of the coolest eBook readers/multimedia devices I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. The love affair  begins in its basic yet stylish design. The only tactile buttons are to turn the device on or off, adjust the volume, and the ‘n’ which acts as the home button. In addition, you have a standard headphone jack and a Micro USB port. The last noticeable factor on the physical side is that it’s hefty. At 15.8 ounces it might be the heaviest eBook Reader I’ve seen.

Now let’s get into the meat of the NOOKcolor – the software, interface, and functionality (not necessarily in that order). It’s obvious that this device is not using the E-Ink technology that most of us have come to enjoy. This primarily stems from consumers begging for an LCD screen eBook reader. The 7” full touchscreen uses millions of colors making cover images, websites, and photos sharp and beautiful. I transferred Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero and the cover image is stunning. The touchscreen functionality on the device we have is very responsive even when browsing the web. You barely need to swipe your finger to change pages.

However with a full color LCD screen comes a pretty major setback – short battery life. Don’t expect days of reading without charging the device. I’ve had this one on and off for the past two days and it currently has 55% battery life left. The most voracious reader or someone that surfs the Internet heavily will need to keep their chargers with them.

If you are used to the original NOOK, you will notice the interface is slightly different however you now have the ability to make different bookshelves and organize your titles. While you are reading a book, tap the center of the screen to make options appear which allow you to create bookmarks, change the font/font size, and brightness.

The NOOKcolor is currently running a variation of Android OS 2.1. It’s a closed version, so you won’t be able to download apps from Android Marketplace or have all the same features as your Droid Aris. As far as I can tell Barnes & Noble doesn’t plan on offering full access to Android Marketplace any time soon.

There are many other neat features that I won’t get into but there’s one last thing I need mention. When you transfer your Adobe EPUB and Adobe PDF eBooks to your NOOKcolor, they will be found under the ‘my files’ option in a folder for ‘Digital Editions’. Keep in mind you are able to move them to a different folder once they are on the device. Also, I transferred and listened to an MP3 audiobook and it was a much nicer experience than on a traditional eBook reader.

So bottom line, at $249, it’s on the more expensive side but you get a lot for your money. It’s not a dedicated eBook reader but it’s not a tablet either.

It has officially been added to my Christmas list for this year. Now all I have to do is get my husband to read this post…