Explore Beyond the Page this Summer With This Idea.

artemis literary sourcesUse the tip sheet below as a guide for searching Artemis: Literary Sources to discover interesting things about your favorite authors and books.

Artemis Literary Sources Tip Sheet

To learn more about using Artemis Literary Sources visit Hot Topic – How to Use the Library Databases: GALE

Did you know today is Limerick Day? See if you can find a piece of lit crit at #LVCCLD

limerickToday is Limerick Day. Address the controversy of this sonnet The Limerick: The Sonnet of Nonsense in a piece of lit crit from Gale Artemis Literary Sources.  Need help finding the criticism? Go to this link: http://bit.ly/1NcfcVP


Do you love poetry? Then April is your month, it’s National Poetry Month!

13M-GL0335With your library card you have access to host of resources for Poetry Criticism.  Using Artemis Literary Sources, enter your search terms such as a name of a poem or “poetry criticism”.  Artemis returns a host of resources for your search terms.  What’s really cool about Artemis is the Topic Finder which provides a visual of which words and subjects are found most often in the text of your search results. There are a variety of types of resources it searches which include Poetry Criticism Online and Poetry for Students.