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Brain Teaser – Places

Try to identify the names of places (countries, cities, etc.) hidden in these clues about their origin. Need help? Try Credo Reference Online.

1. Which area of Spain can be translated as “Coast of the Sun”?

2. Which English city got its name from a ford used by oxen?

3. Which city in California has a name that means “the Angels”?

4. Which Greek city was named after its patron goddess Athena?

5. Which part of the United Kingdom has a name which comes from an Old English word meaning “foreigner, stranger, Celt”?

6. Which South American country is cut through by the equator, after which it is named?

7. Which Irish city has a name that means “black pool”?

8. Which South American country gets its name from the Spanish for “silver country”?

9. Which Dutch city got its name from a phrase meaning “the count’s hedge”?

10. Which American state gets its name from the Spanish for “snow-covered”?

How did you do?

0 – 1 Mmmm, not exactly brilliant.
2 – 5 A reasonable stab.
6 – 8 A good showing. But there’s still room for improvement!
9 – 10 You really know your stuff. Well done!

Questions set by Tony Augarde (

Brain Teaser – Independence

Many nations used to be colonized by other countries but have won their independence. See if you can answer these questions about independence. Need help? Use Credo Reference Online.

1. Which nation was created when it adopted the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776?

2. Jamaica became independent from which country in 1962?

3. In which year did the Soviet Union break up after declarations of independence by many of its constituent republics: 1981, 1991 or 2001?

4. Until 1822, was Brazil a colony of Spain, Portugal or Italy?

5. Until 1816, was Argentina a colony of Spain, Portugal or Italy?

6. Which Mediterranean island became an independent country in 1960 with Archbishop Makarios as president?

7. What was Zimbabwe called before it gained independence in 1980?

8. Which country, whose capital is Helsinki, became independent from Russia in 1917?

9. In 1971, East Pakistan broke away from West Pakistan to become which independent country?

10. Burkina Faso (or Upper Volta) achieved independence from which country on August 5, 1960?

How did you do?

0 – 1 Mmmm, not exactly brilliant.
2 – 5 A reasonable stab.
6 – 8 A good showing. But there’s still room for improvement!
9 – 10 You really know your stuff. Well done!

Questions set by Tony Augarde (

CultureGrams has New Content!

CultureGrams Updates:
Country Reports, Photos, Conflicts & More

Check out the new content inside CultureGrams!

First, explore the newly updated World Edition reports for current statistics, government leaders, and recent historical events. They expanded select World Edition texts based on contributions from in-country experts.

For instance, take a look at the reports on the United Kingdom, Egypt, and China to read new information in many of the countries’ categories.

The Kids Edition also has updated and expanded county reports, as well as brand-new reports for Denmark, Mali, Nepal, Somalia, and Tunisia.

Also, they have  just added hundreds of new photos to the existing photo galleries, as well as brand-new photo galleries for Brunei, Guam, Iraq, Laos, Lesotho, Monaco, Togo, and Vatican City! Don’t forget to check out the dozens of new slideshows or the 37 new video clips.

Now includes new video clips from Egypt, Germany, Iraq, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, South Africa, South Korea, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, and more. Plus, don’t miss the interviews page to read new Q&A discussions with people from Somalia, Zimbabwe, and Congo-Kinshasa.

Country Bingo

Map of countries in Europe and the surrounding...

Image via Wikipedia

Play Country Bingo!  Here’s an activity which makes learning about counties fun. Students research a country using CultureGrams Kids Edition and a corresponding interview. (In the Kids Edition, use the drop-down menu in the upper-left corner as an index of available reports. Access the main interviews page for an index of all available interviews)

You will need access to CultureGrams Kids Edition and download the attached PDF –  Country Bingo which has all the instructions and a bingo card for playing the game.

Designed for K-5 grades.

Meets National curriculum standard(s): National Geography Standards – Human Systems – Standard 10: The geographically informed person knows and understands the characteristics, distributions and complexity of Earth’s cultural mosaics.