ReferenceUSA Offers Better Data, Powerful Options, and More

refusa tech graphicLooking at starting a new business or want to grow the one you got? Looking for potential customers? Power your research capabilities with the premier reference tool. ReferenceUSA offers:

  • More records – the current business file is the largest available, containing more than 24 million records.
  •  The most accurate data – the only compiler of both business and consumer data, verifying and updating the records daily.
  • Unique features – is the only reference database that offers mapping, data visualization, and historical data.
  •  Free resources – Take advantage of the free webinars, marketing materials, and in-person training.

Try ReferenceUSA out today. To learn more about ReferenceUSA see our Hot Topic – Small Business – Starting and Building


Do you know what your apps share?

android phonesImagine this: You’re at home one evening when a sudden storm knocks out your power. You reach for that flashlight you keep in the kitchen drawer just for emergencies. You flip the switch, and the flashlight asks for your location. That would be weird, huh?

Well, that could be exactly what’s happening — on your phone… Read more > Sharing Your Location… in a Flash

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Early Literacy iPad Apps, Info and Resources

DontLet-Disney-iPad-lgDid you know that certain technology and devices can enhance the learning experience for pre-readers?  iPads offer a multi-sensory tool for engaging a child in a creative, collaborative environment.

Touchscreen technology….

  • Allows children to hear and manipulate letter sounds for learning.
  • Engages children on a multi-sensory level.
  • Involves Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic modalities.
  • Helps to develop fine motor, language, cognitive, and social skills.
  • Promotes enjoyment of learning through interactive and collaborative play.

Visit Hot Topics – Parenting for iOS apps, books, and information resources to help you get started with using technology with your young child.

Need a book for your homework assignment?


We have you covered with our Gale Virtual Reference Library. You can find these eBooks on our Hot Topics page eBooks for Learning & Homework.  Start with the DK Books collection which has books on most of your homework subjects. Best of all these books are always available!dkebooks2 Then checkout the always available  Britannica collection of non-fiction titles or Duke Classics found in the eMedia Catalog.

Do we have your homework covered?

Don’t understand your homework? Get help now with Brainfuse!

brainfuseposterBrainfuse is a free service offered by the Library. There are real live teachers available from 1pm to 10 pm every day. They can help with any subject area and grade level.

Do you know 86% of the students who use Brainfuse say it has helped them improve their grades! Start improving your grades with Brainfuse. Just go to Databases A-Z and select Brainfuse from the box on the right.

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Very good tutoring service

The tutor gave me wrong information as I was giving a parent demonstartation! The tutor did not know how to round numbers. I felt horrible for talking up this service only to have the tutor give wrong information. (Please note that Brainfuse looked into this comment. An analysis of the session transcript (and a discussion with the tutor) showed that the tutor did not initially understand the question and supplied an incorrect answer. The tutor subsequently corrected himself during the session. At any rate, we take such issues seriously and apologize for any inconvenience or embarrassment that this may have caused).

Good service.

good stuff.

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i think its relly helping me improve, and yes i feel really confident about my homework now, oh and for the one where it ask did this improve your grades,ummmm… i dont know because im new at this


he was so helpful and funny

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