Hidden Business Startup Resources At Your Library

Library-business-resources-300x300Did you know the library offers resources for starting and building a business?  The library is full of hidden gems!  Discover these wonderful gems on Hot Topics – Small Business, Starting and Building

Now you can personalize ReferenceUSA. Learn how at #LVCCLD

REFUSA PERSONAL ACCOUNTSReferenceUSA’s new feature Personalization Features is now available. Show Them How to Take Advantage of New Personalization Features.
The new personalization features take the user experience to a whole new level. Now your patrons can:


  • Create user profiles
  • Save searches
  • Generate customs search lists
  • Access a personalized home page

REFUSA HOW TO SETUPWant to learn more? Visit Hot Topic – How to Use the Databases – ReferenUSA to view videos and visit the ReferenceUSA YouTube Channel.

Learn How to Take Advantage of New Personalization Features in ReferenceUSA

computer with refusaThe new personalization features in ReferenceUSA take the user experience to a whole new level. Now you can:

  • Create user profiles
  • Save searches
  • Generate customs search lists
  • Access a personalized home page

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Are you a small business owner? We can show you how to market your business with a free resource at the library!

small business ownerSmall business owners can do market research and development using business profiles and mapping tools. Best of all it’s free with your library card! To get started with ReferenceUSA join us at one of our workshops February 25, 26 or 27 at the following libraries.

February 25, 2015 10:30 a.m.
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Clark County Library


Are you a small business owner or would be owner looking for business support?

gvrl shelfThe Library can help support small business owners or those looking to be come one, especially at the ideation stage as they investigate options and resources for developing a business plan, identify funding sources and research other start-up activities.

Let’s say you want to start a business that offers cleaning services. A basic search in GVRL (Gale Virtual Reference Library) of “cleaning services” delivers excellent results. The first, second, fourth, and fifth results shown below are actually from the Business Plans Handbook, a Gale series. Because of GVRL’s strong search capability and detailed indexing down to the individual entry level, you will uncovered  sample business plans.

Results from “cleaning services” search.

gvrl cleaning servicesClick to enlarge.

Clicking the second result, “Residential Cleaning Service,” will send you to the content associated with the entry. Perhaps even more important, any user interested in starting a small business can also navigate through the title’s entire table of contents and uncover more helpful content.

Click the Table of Contents to reveal a drop-down menu and quickly navigate to a business plan template also available in this volume.

gvrl table of contentsYou can Download and Keep Content

Furthermore, any content that you download will not disappear—so no matter how long it takes you to work on your business plan, you can continue to reference their downloaded content, on- or offline.

Search, Browse, or Read Cover-to-Cover

Because you can search and browse in GVRL, it’s easy to discover additional relevant content. For example, suppose you realize—as a result of reading the administration and management portion of the business plan template—that it’s necessary to increase your management skills. Locating information about that topic is easy!

Click the subject Business in GVRL and browse management-related titles.

gvrl shelfClick to enlarge.

Click a title to isolate a search. For example, a user can search the book How to be an even better Manager. Or click Browse Book to read the title cover-to-cover.

Want more? Watch our Insider Librarian walk through Business Research in GVRL!