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We have you covered with our Gale Virtual Reference Library. You can find these eBooks on our Hot Topics page eBooks for Learning & Homework.  Start with the DK Books collection which has books on most of your homework subjects. Best of all these books are always available!dkebooks2 Then checkout the always available  Britannica collection of non-fiction titles or Duke Classics found in the eMedia Catalog.

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browse by subjectStart with the Homework Resources subject on the main Hot Topics page.  Here you will find Hot Topics on a variety of subjects including art, language arts, science, mathematics, social studies, history, geography, literature and more! The Librarians have pulled together library databases, Always Available eBooks (reference books you can access 24/7 365 days a year!), videos, live tutoring helping (for FREE!), vetted websites, magazines, newspapers and much more.

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homework helpGot Homework? The Library has terrific online resources available 24/7 365 days a year, which makes it quick and easy to do your homework. There are Always Available eBooks, databases and vetted websites in all subject areas. Best of all there is FREE online Tutoring with a real teacher!  Available for all grade levels and subjects. So there is no excuse for poor grades this year with all our terrific resources. To get started visit our Hot Topics, select your subject area or select Databases A-Z. Students can also access Homework Help pages by grade level from the Library’s Homepage. And Teachers, we have not forgotten you! We have put together a new tool called the Teacher’s Toolbox which is full of lesson plans, activities and what the library can do for you and your students.

Need Help With Your Homework?

brainfuse_HN_350x350_practice_testsThousands of Las Vegas students turn to BrainFuse  for help with homework they didn’t understand. Are you one of them? If not should you be?

They received homework help with writing papers, in all levels of Math, Science, Social Studies and Reading and even practiced for their SAT/ACT and local standardized tests. Here’s what students that used  BrainFuse in March had to say about the help they received:


My tutor Ashly (?) kept me going tonight. I really didn’t want to do my work and she encouraged me and I think I understand better. To be seen tomorrow
Don’t know yet about whether its making my grades better but it definitely makes me confident.
thank you for the service i was having a problem with my dughter home work and i want today the library they give me this websit very help full.
Thanks thanks and thanks
It would be cool if we had robots that helped with homework btu this is a good step in between
helps me with the subjects that i struggle in
Love this website! SO helpful!
The tests have been good. Can you make more for the SAT? I need as much practice as I can get.
Homework is not as stressful anymore because of these tutors. Pay them a lot please
Yes i loved my touter he/she were so great and io hope they can help me again
Thanks a lot.
Long session but I think it was worth it
Much appreciated
Great tutor ^-^
CrisD was a lot of help for my world history forum. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help in world history.
See you soon
Nice tuotr
Found it very helpful. Will continue to use it.
Many Thanks.
Very helpful.

Homework Help

In December, over 4,000 Las Vegas students got help with their homework with our FREE online Homework Helpservice with real tutors.  But how successful was it? Just read below what the students had to say.  Homework Help is available every day from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. Have you tried our Homework Help service yet?


had a great tutor who dedicated almost 90 minutes, one of the best ive had
It is a wonderful tool to help with hw!
Thank you for your help
My tutor drew out the problem in a way that made more sense that what I learned in school. Glad I got on because it makes sense now
Thank you very much and please keep this program going for ever. -Sincerely, User of this service
The tutor I had was amazing helped me and was also patient.
Thank you very much it is my first time using this and it was very helpful .The person i spoke to was very kind ..THANKYOU HOMEWORK HOTLINE
The person whom I was talking with (assigned the username DHP03) was very generous in offering help, despite the length of the homework. This was my first time using Brainfuse, and I am very pleased with the immediate results!
After using Brain fuse i enjoyed my session!! I was satisfied with the outcome, i received biology help and got back exactly what i wanted!! There should be more tutors like the one that helped me in this session called “@Amy” this tutor knows what they are talking about I now understand all about DNA Sequence. Thanks Brain fuse a big thumbs up!!
It was weird because I got connected with someone, but they just left. I got this person named Kirill (not sure on the spelling). They gave me the help i needed and I understand the concept better!
Thank you.
Great website :D.
very good help!!
My friends and I are getting amazing help!So grateful for this.
I would hope this will be avaliable during the weekends as well.
My math grade is really improving!
Thank you so much.