Are you a smart voter? Use Smarting Voting before you go to the polls.

vote smartLearn all the facts before you go to the polls or if you are new to the election process get all the information you need to know on Hot Topics – Smart Voting

Prevent Bullying, Save a Life

Why do kids bully other kids? What can parents and teachers do to prevent tragic results of a young life dying? With the recent death of an eleven year old child this week, this is a good time for parents and teachers to talk to their children.  The library has put together resources to help you with “the talk”.  Visit the library’s Hot Topic – Cyber Bullying and Bullying.  Here you find resources on how to stop a bully which include books, videos and vetted websites. Parents of teen age children may also want to checkout Parent’s Night – Talking to your Teenager. Parents of younger children can check out Parent’s Night – Talking to Your Kids. Don’t Stand By, Stand Up!


hoopla will have patrons seeing ghosts & goblins this Halloween

hoopla halloween moviesLooking for a Halloween movie?  Hoopla got them! Checkout the selection today!

Visit the Library’s Hoopla website to find your favorite Halloween movie.

Never used Hoopla before? Check out the Hot Topic – Hoopla to learn how to get started.

Looking for something good to read? Checkout the Kids eReading Room!

Scholastic_Social Media GraphicDid you know, the best selling titles from Scholastic are now available in the Kids eReading Room?  Enjoy your favorite titles today.

P.S. Get the LEGO: The Adventures Of Clutch Powers at Hoopla for free!

New to eBooks or Hoopla? Check out the Hot Topic – Hoopla or Hot Topic – eBooks, eAudio Books and more.

Are You Using BrainFuse? You Should Be!!

TeenReadWeekJobNow2Did you know 79% of the 8,096 who used BrainFuse in September said BrainFuse was helping them improve their grades?

That’s right!  So turn your dreams into reality by starting with BrainFuse.  You can find it on Databases A-Z and Hot Topics.

Take a look at what the students who used  BrainFuse last month had to say:

Rebecca was a very good tutor!
awesome program
Claudette is a good/helpful tutor
Love the tutors they are amazing and better at explaining than teachers
Byran72 (pretty sure that was his username) was a great guy to get help from. Give him kudos.
Excellent knowledge of subject presented by tutor
I love this program I really helps
Great services.
it great!!!
Service is very good.
Very good tutoring site for math help.
I am going to need this a lot this year.
It’s cool!
thank you. its those small details that make a differnce and it helps to have another set of eyes. TY