New Additions to #ChiltonLibrary from Ford and Chrysler, Plus, ReadSpeaker

ChiltonlibraryReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology is now available in the Repair and Bulletin/Recalls sections of ChiltonLibrary. ReadSpeaker® is the worldwide leader in online text to speech and its functionality lets users hear the article read out loud, as the words spoken are highlighted on the screen.

Users simply click the new Listen button in the Tool Bar. Pause and Stop abilities are also there. With the Settings button, users can change speed, highlighter color, and font size.
ReadSpeaker technology helps individuals who have lower reading levels comprehend details in Chilton content.
ESL/ELL users can better comprehend the content by hearing the English pronunciations.
Audio content from the Repair section can be downloaded in MP3 format for users to save and access offline.

In addition Full Service Information has been released for:

  • 1996-2015 model Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks
  • 2011-2015 model Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, and Jeep cars, SUVs, vans, and trucksThese updated databases describe and direct repair procedures specified by Ford Motor Company and Chrysler. Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs), Diagnostics, Scheduled Maintenance, plus critical health and safety precautions are also included.

Key Content Changes in This Release

Comprehensive factory diagnostic and service information for over 880 Year, Make, and Model combinations.
Updated repair and diagnostic articles
449,300 from Ford
305,561 from Chrysler
Updated graphics—More than a million from Ford using color to identify components and the sequence. These are also helpful to those who may be more visual, hands-on, have difficulty reading, or those with limited English skills. More than 500,000 from Chrysler, including diagrams and real photos.
All major systems, sub-systems, and components are covered.
Download complete lists of the new ChiltonLibrary makes and models at The Gale Blog.

Visit Databases A-Z General Reference for access to ChiltonLibrary.

Chilton’s Will Be Gone Soon!

Have you gotten used to using the Chilton Library for your automotive research needs? Unfortunately, this is one of the resources which will be eliminated in October 2010. We do not want to leave you without something, so try the Auto Repair Reference Center as an alternative. Using this is a little different, but it has primarily the same information.

Remember as always, if you want to access this from home, you must be a Las Vegas resident with a valid card number and PIN. If all of these criteria do not apply to you, then you must use this resource inside of our libraries. Ok, are you ready? Great, let’s get started. Follow these easy steps and you are on your way;

  1. Go to the Library’s homepage,
  2. Click Find Information
  3. Click Databases A-Z
  4. Scroll down to & select Auto Repair Reference Center

Once you access this electronic resource, there are many ways to get started. Let’s start with the easiest.

  • Select the Year of your vehicle from the list displayed.

  • Select the Make of the vehicle.
  • Select the Model of your vehicle.
  • Select the Submodel, if there is one.

You should be at Repair Topics now.

Click on what you need, whether it’s Wiring Diagrams (not all models have these), Repair Procedures or Service Bulletins and Recalls. (These categories will change based on the type of vehicle selected)  Clicking on each will give you a list of more topics that will help to narrow your results.

After browsing through the various options, you hopefully have found exactly what you need. Now what? You can print the information, or send a copy via email and you are all set!

Be sure to browse the tabs from the Auto Repair Reference Center homepage for even more information.

Online Automotive Repair Guides

Las Vegas-Clark County Library District makes two online auto repair guides available online, the Auto Repair Reference Center and the Chilton Library. 


  •  Auto Repair Reference Center includes coverage of vehicles beginning with 1945 Jeeps! For 2008, coverage includes 44 makes and hundreds of models, foreign and domestic, from Ford to Ferrari, and Mazda to Maserati. Information on high end vehicles is usually limited to Service Bulletins and Recalls and not full repair instructions. 
  • Chilton Library includes coverage back to the 1929 Cadillac 341 B!  Chilton’s also includes “Scheduled Maintenance Intervals” for most vehicles.  Instructions in both databases are organized by engine component.  Both databases include wiring diagrams.

Auto Repair Reference Center has a handy feature for the novice—a labor cost estimator—in case you end up needing to take your vehicle to a shop.  


All of this is available free with a valid library card and PIN number, on the library website,, though the Databases A-Z link on the left side of the homepage.