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Our Historical Newspapers online resource has a historical timeline which is very easy to get to and see at a glance any time period in American History. How cool is that? As an added bonus, you can read either the LA Times or the NY Times on the day you where born.

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World Access News – discontinued

World Access News (formerly known as Global Newsbank)  database has been discontinued by the Virtual Library at Las Vegas – Clark Library District.  For current global news we offer Press Display along with the print newspapers at a variety of our libraries.

Lessons in Equality

Teaching, considered a “feminine” career during the 19th and early 20th centuries, gave many women the means for economic independence. However, it was anything but “equal opportunity.”

teacher adsClassified ads for teachers noted whether an institution was seeking male or female teachers. The ads for women emphasized “feminine” subjects such as literature, drawing, and music rather than Greek, Latin, math, and science. While women made up a majority of the profession, they were paid significantly lower wages than male teachers, reflecting the belief that men needed higher salaries to support families. Further, women were discouraged from teaching after getting married.

In the face of this adversity, women teachers continuously fought for parity. Not until after World War II and the rise of feminism did women finally begin to win equal pay.

Historical newspaper can be very interesting and a great resource for reports. Try it for yourself today go to either the New York Times 1850-2006 or the Los Angeles Times 1881-1986.

Newspapers from across the world

Want to read newspapers from across the world?

Are you a Nevada resident, but are originally from another state or country and like to stay abreast of what is going on back home? We have figured out a way to allow you to do this from the comfort of home. Many sites charge to view their newspapers online, but you can do this for free if you live in Las Vegas and have a valid library card # and personal identification number. Are you interested?


Ok, go to our databases and then click on “Press Display.” From here, there are several things you can do. Today, I will just show you how to access newspapers from other states and countries. Look for “Titles by Country” and select the USA. After you select this country, you will see many of the major newspapers across the 50 states. Click on one of the major newspapers. The front page is displayed, but if you look under the table of contents, you can see all sections of the paper, simply click on one of these to view that section of the paper. Or, look at the numbers in the corners of each page, clicking on these allows you to turn the page. Ok, now you are done reading the today’s edition, but you need an advertisement from 3 moths ago. Ok, that can be done also. Look on the top toolbar and click on the drop down arrow under “search.” This will allow you to view that paper back to three months. Still can’t find what you need? No worries, click on the “advanced search” to see more limiting options. Continue reading