2014 Winter Olympics

1924 winter olympicsLet the games begin! Brush up on your knowledge and of the winter Olympics with library resources found on Sports Hot Topics – 2014 Winter Olympics page. Do you know in which year the first winter Olympics was held?

Constitution and the Declaration for the Right to Libraries – Lesson Plan

constitutionHere’s the scenario for the lesson plan:
There is a new Library Policy – The library will only provide approved reading material based on the students’ grade level and curriculum, and will no longer provide titles for pleasure reading.
What do you like about this plan?
What do you not like about this plan?
What could you do to promote change?

Download the lesson plan: Constitution and the Declaration for the Right to Libraries Grades-3-5

What are you doing on Data Privacy Day?

DPD_banner-300x250Data Privacy Day is just around the corner — January 28. What a good time to do something about protecting your personal information, online and off. Start with the library’s Hot Topic – Computer, Tablets & the Internet (located under Technology subject) While there play the password game Are you Hackable or Uncrackable? located on the Internet tab. You will learn how to create a strong password. So take  the password challenge and challenge your friends too!  Then change your passwords!

What’s New with ReferenceUSA?

refusa competive advantageDecember Database Updates for ReferenceUSA

U.S. Business

  • NEW fields added!
    • Accepts credit cards
    • Date business opened
    • Accepts American Express
  • New sourcing for medical records, which added:
    • 47k physicians
    • 17% more podiatrists
    • Medical school and graduation year for many records

U.S. Consumer:

  • 8 new TargetReady™ Models added, including Smartphone users, Online Music, and Hybrid Cars
  • 1.9MM new movers added

The Year of the Horse – Chinese New Year

year_of_the_horse_stampWant to learn more about this year’s Chinese New Year? The 2014 Chinese New Year falls on Jan. 31 through Feb. 18, 2014.  Known in China as the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year is the longest and most important festivity in the Chinese lunar calendar. Learn more on the Library’s the Hot Topic page Chinese New Year.