SPORTS: The Winter Olympics

olympic snow ringsAs the winter Olympics in Sochi start, press attention has centered on two topics not sports related. These include corruption in the construction of the venues and the threat of terrorist attacks. What are the most recent estimates of the amount of corruption and what form did it take? What is the likelihood of an attack at the heavily guarded site?
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Test Your Winter Olympic Knowledge

sochi 2014This year, for the first time in history, which women’s sport is a new Olympic event at the Sochi 2014 Winter Games?

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2014 Winter Olympics

1924 winter olympicsLet the games begin! Brush up on your knowledge and of the winter Olympics with library resources found on Sports Hot Topics – 2014 Winter Olympics page. Do you know in which year the first winter Olympics was held?

Brain Teaser – Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympic Games which took place in Vancouver this year may be over but can you answer these questions about the Winter Olympics? Need help? Try using our online resource Credo Reference for the answers.

1. How often are the Winter Olympic Games held?

2. Which British pair of skaters won the Olympic ice-dance title in 1984?

3. Which sport, included for the first time at the Winter Olympics in 1998, involves riding across snow standing on a wide single ski resembling a small surf board?

4. The IOC is responsible for the summer and winter Olympics. What does the abbreviation “IOC” stand for?

5. Were the Winter Olympic Games first held in 1904, 1914 or 1924?

6. Where were the Winter Olympic Games held in 1984?

7. The luge was introduced into the Winter Olympics in 1964. “Luge” is French for what?

8. Name one of the three places where the Winter Olympics have been held twice.

9. How many people are there in a team at curling, a winter Olympic sport?

10. Which skier, known as “Le Superman” in his native France, won three gold medals in Alpine ski events at Grenoble in 1968?

Olympians Biographies

They may take place on snow and ice but the Olympics are a very hot topic. So throughout the 2010 Winter Olympics, Biography Resource Center is featuring profiles of current and past Olympians. Each authoritative and unbiased biography provides you with the current, engaging and relevant information.

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