My, Oh My Corruption is in the News Big Time.

Business man putting dollar banknotes into his pocketCorruption has been a part of human societies since the oldest of times. Corruption, fraud, embezzlement, theft, bribes, and kickbacks are all forms in which people try to increase their income at the cost of others. You can explore the history of corruption in a variety of library resources including GVRL – Gale Virtual Reference Library and Opposing Viewpoints In Context – search Bribery and corruption. Explore both sides of the moral, ethical, and practical issues of business, negotiation, and politics through mixed media types, including links to original broadcasts and images. Each piece of content is noted as basic, intermediate or advanced, allowing users to easily determine if materials are appropriate.

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topic finder iraqTopic Finder is a great way to see how topics relate with other topics.  You can find Topic Finder in Gale’s Power Search.

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It’s Black History Month! Be sure to visit Hot Topic – African-American Heritage to learn more.

black historyThe Hot Topic – African-American Heritage provides in-depth resources on black culture, issues and events, along with profiles of famous figures and leaders. Find primary source images from the slavery movement and more.

Did you ever wonder what happened before the “big bang”? Ever wonder how to make a corn dog from crude oil & rocks?

mental flossYou will find the answer to these questions and the history of everything else in the December 2014 issue of Mental Floss!  Get your free copy today from the Virtual Library’s Zinio Magazine collection.

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Explore Native American Heritage with Library Resources

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