What is CultureGrams?

In just two minutes or less you can find out what you will find in CultureGrams available through the Virtual Library. Just click on the video below;  Click the Video menu; Click By Product and Click CultureGrams.

Great Science Resources

Need Science information?  Looking for biographical information on Scientists?  Need a Science project idea?  Use these great resources to find the information you need.

  • Science Online – Great resource for Science experiments, maps and information on the environment.
  • Science Resource Center – Includes topic overviews, experiments, biographies, pictures and illustrations and the latest scientific developments are covered in articles from over 200 magazines and academic journals and links to quality web sites. The database covers curriculum-related science topics and offers teachers an easy-to-use tool to identify content directly correlated to state and national standards.
  • Science Reference Collection – Collection of ebooks including biographies of Scientists.
  • General Science Collection contained in Article Search in EBSCO – Offers full text coverage for more than 60 of the most popular science publications. Providing information on all aspects of the scientific world, the General Science Collection offers full text information dating back as far as 1992.

Note: Starting Friday January 29, 2010, the online resource – New Book of Popular Science will be discontinued  by the Virtual Library.

Brain Teaser – Nobel Prizes

nobelThis week: Nobel Prizes

The US President, Barack Obama, recently received the Nobel Peace Prize. Can you answer these questions about the Nobel

Prizes and the man who is commemorated by them? Need help?  Use Credo Reference.

1. In which country are most of the Nobel Prizes awarded?

2. Name the English dramatist who wrote such plays as “The Birthday Party”, “The Dumb Waiter” and “The Caretaker” and won

the 2005 Nobel Prize in Literature.

3. Alfred Nobel invented dynamite – true or false?

4. The Russian author famous for the novel “Doctor Zhivago” was awarded the 1958 Nobel Prize for Literature but was

forced to reject it. What was his name?

5. Which international organisation has won the Nobel Peace Prize three times?

6. The author of “Malone Dies” and “Endgame”” was awarded the 1969 Nobel Prize in Literature. What was his name?

7. Which former US president won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002?

8. Which French couple won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903 for research on radiation phenomena?

9. Alfred Nobel originally funded prizes in five subjects. Name all five of them.

10. Which wooden material was invented by Alfred Nobel’s father, Immanuel?

Find the answers here.

New Year, New Career!

During the holidays, who wants to think about starting a business? Not many, but based on the current economy and the unemployment rate, perhaps this is a new avenue to consider in the New Year.

We have an Infoguide as well as many electronic resources that will help you determine if this is the way to go.

The Small Business Infoguide includes contains lots of helpful websites, local agencies contact information, recommended books and much more. This should be your starting point to help you decide if this is the right thing to do. Ok, let’s go to the electronic resources.

There are several electronic resources you can use to help you get started with your new business, but let’s just visit the Business Plans Handbook. Remember you can access these from the Databases A-Z link on our homepage as long as you are a resident of Las Vegas with a valid card # and PIN.

Ok, let’s get started. There are several ways to search for information on various businesses. You can use the basic search, the advanced search or the subject guide search.

*Basic Search – Allows you to get a business plan for a specific business. Simply enter the type of business in the search box to see if there is a plan listed for the type of business you are interested in starting. If no plan is displayed, try the Subject Guide Search.

*Subject Guide Search – Allows you to search using a specific subject term. You can also limit your results by publication date, publication title, topic overview or business plan.

*Advanced Search – Allows you to enter keywords for the type of business as well as limit your results by publication date, publication title, subject area or target audience.

If none of these search methods prove to be effective, go back to the basic search page and simply click on Business, under Or select a publication below. This will give you a list of business plans by volume. After you find the volume you want, simply click on it. Next click on the ebook index for a list of categories within the book.

Don’t forget to check out these other business resources.

Business & Company Resource Center

Business & Marketing Collection

Natural Standard – Free Webinars

Natural Standard is offering a series of upcoming complimentary webinars on integrative medicine. Natural Standard offers these webinars as an impartial and informational public service. All webinars are recorded and archived at www.naturalstandard.com/webinars.

Presented by: Nicole Jordan, PharmDc, University of Connecticut

Using the Natural Standard Clinical Bottom Line monograph as a guide, Nicole Jordan, PharmDc, will discuss the available evidence concerning the therapeutic effectiveness of sage in a variety of conditions. Complimentary access is available December 1-31, 2009.

Mediterranean Diet
Presented by: Enrico Forte, President and co-founder of the Mediterranean Book Association

Enrico Forte will discuss how to integrate the principles of the Mediterranean diet into an overall healthy lifestyle. Complimentary access is available January 1-31, 2010.

Pregnancy and Integrative Therapies
Presented by: Elizabeth R. B. Higdon, PharmDc, University of Wyoming

Using the Natural Standard database on integrative medicine as a guide, Elizabeth Higdon, PharmDc, will discuss the available evidence concerning alternative therapies and their application during pregnancy. Complimentary access is available January 1-31, 2010.Natural