What’s new in Morningstar?

market sharesNew Sector Reports in the Markets Section

Have you explored the Markets tab of Morningstar Investment Research Center recently? You have always seen the most active stocks of the day, sector and style return data, and quarterly industry reports. Morningstar’s most recent addition is a list of detailed sector reports.

Check back each quarter for the newest research and analysis from Morningstar’s equity analysts. See a quick overview of the data and then read through specific industry updates, key investment considerations, and more. Reports are available on the following sectors: basic materials, communication services, consumer defensive, consumer cyclical, energy, financial services, health care, industrials, real estate, technology, and utilities.

While you’re logged into Morningstar Investment Research Center, don’t forget to look at the Help & Education tab for information on our database training webinars. All training sessions are available to users and are offered every month. Our next session is June 26 at 3 p.m. Central Time. Click here to attend. Call (866) 844-9418 to listen to the teleconference, and utilize the access code and password below.

Access Code: 630 837 4334
Event password: mirc

We hope you can attend to learn more about the many features of Morningstar Investment Research Center.

Is California running out of oil?

california oilIn 1905, oil was being pumped in central Los Angeles. Today, these oil rigs are gone but it is estimated that between 1.4 – 5.6 billion barrels of oil could be pumped from 10 fields in the Los Angeles Basin. In spite of abundant in-place resources and famously high local demand for refined petroleum products, recovery efficiency remains low and basin wide pro­duction continues to fall.So why is oil not being pumped? Read about the challenges which need to be faced in Remaining recoverable petroleum in ten giant oil fields of the Los Angeles Basin, Southern California. 

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Are you a Home-based worker?

Businessman Wearing CapePeople working from home is on the rise since 2005. This includes people who are called mixed-workers, they work one day a week from home. The group represents 9.5% of all works in the U.S. In this group the largest percentage of workers are between the ages of 45-54 years. This age group also contains the largest percentage of home workers who work entirely from home. What has brought about this increase of home-based workers? What occupations are they in? Are there more women than men working from home? These questions and more are answered in Home-based workers in the United States 2010.

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Do you love words? Want to know the origins of them?

OED2_webIf you do, then the Oxford English Dictionary is for you!  Check out our Search by Topic page for Dictionaries & Definitions. Here you will find a search box where you can enter a definition or word  to find in the dictionary as well as OED word of the day, a video of the history of the OED and how to use it.