Free Wifi From Home

We offer free WI-FI at the library. A patron called and asked if they could access the WI-FI from their home.

Wireless networks for computing, such as Wi-Fi, are isolated and limited to a radius of around 50 to 100 feet.
This limitation is quickly being overcome, however, with the advent of broadband (high bandwidth) wireless networks, such as WiMAX. Check out Gale’s Student Resources in Context for more information on upcoming technologies.

Chick Lit Month

It’s been a big year for eBooks and digital downloads so far, and now it is huge for chick lit, too! May is the inaugural celebration for International Chick Lit Month, presented by Chicklit Club, Chick Lit is Not Dead, and Novelicious teams. The month-long festivities acknowledge the genre that is so incredibly diverse, it covers women of all ages, races, beliefs, and romantic statuses. Novels portray fashionistas, daughters, successful professionals and single mothers.

Chick lit isn’t just about chasing Mr. Right in sky-high stilettos, although we love those stories, too! Chick lit eBooks can be funny, heart-wrenching, romantic or inspiring. The characters go shopping, get promoted, move to the city, lose loved ones, and allow themselves to be swept up by love. These characters somehow remind of us of ourselves, or someone we know; the familiarity creates a sense of fun and coziness! So in honor of this first-time celebration, we have gathered a few of our favorite chick lit titles:

Job Hunting Tips


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For patrons seeking employment opportunities the Morningstar Stock Screener  can help you locate potential employers.  The Stock Screener (on the Home page under Companies) allows you to identify your criteria concerning geographic location, specific industry, size of company, and financial stability of the company. This will help you to narrow down prospective employers and begin evaluating potential company profiles.

Need more help with finding a job? The Library offers job hunting classes.

We start with the basics – Looking for a Job? – Email 101 and Looking for a Job? – Resume Writing 101.

Once you have your email account and an online resume we cover Looking for a Job? – Online Job Hunting 101 and Looking for a Job? – Applying Online 101. These hands-on workshops are offered three times a month.  Checkout our Events page – Computer Classes for locations and times the classes are offered.

World Holidays – June

CultureGrams Global Holiday Roundup

Holidays provide a great way to introduce students to the culture and history of a country. Observe a world holiday in your classroom by asking students to research the holiday’s origins or learn more about a particular aspect of the country.

Holiday Focus: Tiananmen Square Anniversary

Since 1989, June 4 has been celebrated in Hong Kong, China to mark the anniversary of the massacre at Tiananmen Square when government tanks attacked thousands of student demonstrators who had been calling for reforms in China. Hundreds of students were killed and thousands more were wounded. The Chinese government has attempted to prevent these celebrations in some cities, but Hong Kong has been able to maintain its celebration, largely because it has retained some degree of independence from mainland China. Each year thousands of participants come to Hong Kong and hold a candlelight vigil in honor of the victims of the massacre.

World Holidays Featured This Month

Sweden – Swedish Constitution and Flag Day – June 6
Commemorates both the adoption of the Swedish constitution in 1809 and the ascension of Gustavus I to the throne in 1523. Celebrations include patriotic gatherings, parades, and flag raisings. Flags are given as prizes to various youth groups, schools, and other organizations, and in Stockholm, a choir of several thousand voices sings the national anthem.

Portugal – Agriculture Fair at Santarem – Ten days beginning on the first Friday in June
Known for its cooking and agricultural production, Portugal holds an annual fair each June in the capital city of Santarem. Festivies include bullfighting, folk singing, and dancing. Exhibitors come from all over Europe to show their best farm animals and machinery. Cooking demonstrations provide entertaining instruction on important national dishes.

Madagascar – Famadihana – Between June and September
This unique celebration takes place among the Malagasy people of Madagascar. In honor of their dead ancestors, the Malagasy exhume the bodies of relatives who have passed on and share a feast and party with them. While the bodies are out of the tomb, the Malagasy also replace their old burial clothes and then rebury them. To keep things as sanitary as possible, the Malagasy typically perform these celebrations during the winter months, which are drier.

India – Snan Yatra – May-June (full moon day of Hindu month of Jyestha)
During this celebration, images of Hindu deities are carried ceremoniously to a special platform where water is poured over them while passages from the Vedas are recited. Afterwards, the images are clothed and taken into seclusion for 15 days, during which Hindus enjoy themselves with grand celebrations.

United States – Festival of the American West – July
Begun in 1972 and held in Logan, Utah, this educational festival teaches visitors about America’s 19th century pioneer and Indian cultures. Activities include cowboy poetry readings, dutch oven cook-offs, Western art exhibits, and parades of antique wagons.

Philippines – Independence Day – June 12
From 1898 until 1962, the Philippines celebrated its independence on July 4 to commemorate their ties to the United States, who had helped the Philippines gain its independence from Spain in 1898. After 1962, Filipinos began celebrating independence on June 12—the day that they had originally declared their independence from Spain. The day is full of activities, including military parades, athletic competitions and games, fireworks, and dances. The U.S. ambassador is often invited to speak at an official ceremony.

Brain Teaser – Famous

Many things are so famous that their names have become well-known brands. Can you answer these questions about brands?  Need help? Use Credo Reference

1. Name the UK record company founded by Richard Branson.

2. Which US corporation was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975?

3. What do the letters “BBC” stand for as the name of the UK state-owned broadcasting network?

4. Which German brand of automobiles was created by a merger of the Daimler and Benz factories in 1926?

5. Which make of training shoes is named after the Greek winged goddess of victory?

6. As the name of a record label, what do the letters “HMV” stand for?

7. What is the tradename of a brand of soft paper tissue, used for paper handkerchiefs – the world’s first paper handkerchiefs?

8. What was the first name of the man called Hilton who started Hilton hotels?

9. What did the inventor of Pepsi-Cola imply by using the word “Pepsi”?

10. In 1950, what was the first credit card company?

How did you do?0 – 1 Mmmm, not exactly brilliant.
2 – 5 A reasonable stab.
6 – 8 A good showing. But there’s still room for improvement!
9 – 10 You really know your stuff. Well done!

Questions set by Tony Augarde (