World Holidays in March

Holiday Focus: Independence Day (Namibia)

Holidays provide a great way to introduce students to the culture and history of a country. “Observe” a world holiday in your classroom by asking students to research the holiday’s origins or learn more about a particular aspect of the country.

In 1990, the sparsely populated country of Namibia became the most recent African nation to achieve independence. Once a German colony, Namibia passed to British control at the end of World War I and was later annexed by South Africa. A guerilla war against South Africa began in the 1960s and escalated to a large-scale war by the 1980s.

Under pressure and upon losing key battles, South Africa withdrew, and Namibia’s independence was formally recognized on March 21, 1990. Because Namibia is still a relatively young nation, the holiday holds particular importance. Communities around the country organize celebrations, some of which feature dance competitions, fireworks, and concerts.

World Holidays Featured This Month

Malawi – Martyrs’ Day – March 3
Honors those who gave their lives in 1963 in the quest for independence.

International Women’s Day – March 8
A holiday celebrated in a number of countries around the world to honor the achievements of women. Its observances include women and girls having a day off and receiving flowers and presents from loved ones.

Belize – Baron Bliss Day – March 9
Honors a Portuguese noble who left his wealth to the country and its people.

Hungary – War of Freedom Day – March 15
Marks a war of rebellion against the Austrian Hapsburgs that began in 1848.

Ireland – Saint Patrick’s Day – March 17
Honors Ireland’s patron saint. The holiday features street parades (the largest is in Dublin) and traditional meals of boiled bacon and cabbage.

Jewish  – Purim
The holiday for revelry

Kazakhstan – Nauriz – March 22
Traditional Kazakh New Year and spring festival. Many communities have a street festival with Kazakh food, music, and dancing.

U.S. Virgin Islands – Transfer Day – March 31
Celebrates the transfer from Danish rule to U.S. rule.

Resources to use:



  • St. Patrick’s Day
    Source: Embassy of the United States of America

    Summary: St. Patrick’s Day in the United States is a day of noise, parades, and of course the color green. Read about the history and current celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in the America.

  • Purim Party
    Source: The Jerusalem Post

    Summary: Discover Purim, the Jewish holiday celebrated by reading the Megilla, wearing costumes, giving gifts to friends, giving to the poor, and feasting and celebrating. Learn some Purim recipes and view photos of people in an ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem neighborhood as they prepare to celebrate.

Born to Shop

The best-selling “Shopaholic” series hits theaters on February 13, bringing Sophie Kinsella’s hilarious account of fashion-obsessed Becky Bloomwood to the big screen. Confessions of a Shopaholic, the film, combines elements from two of Kinsella’s novels: Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan—must-reads for any fashionistas planning to enjoy the movie version. Starring Isla Fisher as the irrepressible Becky, a young journalist who maxes out her credit cards to pay for the clothes she craves, the film also stars Hugh Dancy, Joan Cusack and John Goodman. Fans of the film will also want to read Kinsella’s later volumes in the series, including Shopaholic Ties the Knot and Shopaholic & Baby

St Patrick’s Day Reading

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a new novel from Frank Delaney, author of the popular Irish novels Tipperary and Ireland. His latest book is Shannon, the story of war hero Robert Shannon, who travels to Ireland to retrace his heritage and regain perspective after a long and embattled journey from World War I. Like Delaney’s previous books, the novel paints an exquisite picture of the beautiful Irish landscape and all its offerings—from the Shannon River to the rolling green pastures. Delaney’s beautifully written, meticulously researched and expertly paced novel will bring out the Irish in everyone.

Celebrate Women’s History Month

During the month of March, learn more about National Women’s History Month and celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of the women who have preceded us. From Abigail Adams to Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Betty Friedan, many women have contributed to the history of America and dedicated their efforts to the evolution of women’s rights.

To learn about a woman of equal importance yet lesser fame in women’s history, check out The Woman Behind the New Deal, a new book by Kristin Downey that examines the life of Frances Perkins, FDR’s Secretary of Labor. For additional books, databases and websites visit the Library’s Womens History InfoGuide.

Credo’s Brain Teaser

madonna Credo’s brainteaser this week is about fashion and its designers – a subject that even men should know something about! Use Credo Reference to find the answers if you don’t know.


1. Which British photographer/designer created the costumes for the film “Gigi” and “My Fair Lady”?

2. Which designer uses a double-G intertwined trademark?

3. Which English designer, whose original name was Vivienne Isabel Swire, opened a shop with Malcolm McLaren in London’s King’s Road in the early 1970s?

4. “DKNY” is the name of which American fashion designer’s ready-to-wear line?

5. Which British vocalist married fashion designer Jeff Banks in 1968?

6. Complete the phrase “United Colors of …” for a fashion-wear company which gained notoriety by its controversial advertisements with its logo affixed to giant photographs.?

7. Name the Spanish shoe designer who in 1974 became the first man to appear in the cover of “Vogue”. Pop star Madonna famously referred to his shoes as “better than sex”, and popular television shows, particularly “Sex and the City”, helped to make him a household name.

8. Which French luggage-designer used a brown and beige LV monogram pattern created by his son, Georges?

9. Name the design firm founded by two Italians whose first names are Domenico and Stefano. In 1991, Madonna popularized their rhinestone-covered bodice.

10. Which American designer created the “Polo” brand of clothing?

Find the answers here.