Did you miss Morningstar’s Money Smart Week Presentation?

7 habits of smart investorsThis presentation was part of Chicago’s Money Smart Week and took place in Morningstar’s Chicago Headquarters on April 22, 2015.

Christine Benz and Adam Zoll presents “7 Habits of Successful Investors.”

View it now! Morningstar Investment Research Center is available free 24/7 365 days a year with your library card at LVCCLD. Just one more reason you need a library card.

For additional resources on investing please visit Hot Topic – Investments and Investing, where we have put together a host of great resources.

Happy National Tap Dance Day! Do you know how many taps Michael Flatley can tab in a second?

Michael Flately We did some research in Biography InContext and found Michael Flatley is the world’s fastest tap dancer at 28 taps a second. See what you can uncover!

Searching information for a paper? Don’t miss this new cool research tool!

topic finder iraqTopic Finder is a great way to see how topics relate with other topics.  You can find Topic Finder in Gale’s Power Search.

Enter your search terms; scroll down to the Analyze section and find Topic Finder and click. It’s that easy!analysis

What is a library? Is it just books?

libraries_knowledgeLibrary has more than just books. Discovery what the library has to offer at LVCCLD. Just hover over FIND INFORMATION on the library’s website and select HOT TOPICS.

Explore subject areas, where you will find a host of resources on each area.

Let us know what you discovered!