Can the Spam Texts (And Robocalls)

The following message was posted on by the government. If you are getting text messages or phone calls promising a free gift, prize or whatever, it’s a scam! Do not click any of the links in the text message or if a phone call do not press any buttons just hang up. Then call your cell phone provider and have the block the number. Read more at Can the Spam Texts (And Robocalls) | OnGuard Online.

Women in the Civil War

The place of women in wartime societies has long been an overlooked area of historical inquiry. The lack of women on the battlefield has often been mistaken as an absence from all avenues of the war effort.

However, in 1861, when the American Civil War broke out between the North and the South, women became deeply involved in the conflict. In this new activity from History Study Center, learn more about the contributions of women during the Civil War.

American women had already proved their steel during the War of Independence of 1775-83. As nurses in the Civil War, women ran hospitals to tend the ill and wounded, with some women, such as Mary Walker Edwards, even rising to the rank of physician.

Other women served the war cause as “vivandieres,” who supplied food and other vital provisions to the soldiers, or as “sutlers,” who sold goods to military units on the battlefield. There was also work for women as military scouts, spies, and soldiers, although women who fought had to hide their identities in order to do so.

In a nation divided by war, these American women served their causes in ways that should not be ignored.


Students should make a list of the diverse roles women played in supporting the war effort.

The Women and the Civil War

Field Hospitals

Munitions Work

Union Hospital

Mary Edwards Walker: Civil War Doctor

Women Soldiers of the Civil War

Women Were There

2. As a class, discuss the role of women in the Civil War. Does the diversity of roles that women played in the war effort surprise students? Why or why not? What was it about the time period that allowed/necessitated women moving beyond their traditional gender roles?

3. Have students been taught about the contributions of women in their history classes, or do such classes still focus primarily on male accomplishment? How would a female-oriented history of the Civil War be different from a male-oriented history?

Webinars for ObamaCare for Small Businesses

Small-Business-Majority_logAre you a small business owner and looking for information about health insurance options? You may be interested to learn that the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Small Business Majority have launched a weekly Affordable Care Act 101 webinars series that any small business owner or interested party can join. The Affordable Care Act 101 webinars will be hosted every Thursday until the start of open enrollment on October 1, 2013.

During each webinar, small business owners will learn the basics of the Affordable Care Act and what the law means for their company and employees.  Topics of interest include:

  • The small business health care tax credit
  • Cost containment
  • The Health Insurance Marketplaces and the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)
  • Shared responsibility provisions

Each week, SBA representatives will walk through the key pieces of the law so that small business owners can understand the facts to make informed decisions about providing health insurance for their employees.

Below are the registration links for the next three presentations.  Registration for later webinars will be available shortly.

For additional webinars go to the Small Business Majority Event Calendar.

Additional Information can be found at Small Business, Starting and Growing a Business.

Thinking about relocating for a new job?

top 50 cities 2013Did Las Vegas make the list? Check out the latest Glassdoor report for employment satisfaction.

Across 50 of the largest U.S. metros, we factored compensation and benefits, senior management ratings, company outlook, and the number of employers hiring per city. Check out the full list.

Wondering when Marketplace plan costs for ObamaCare will be available?

obamacareWe know you’ve been doing your research and want to know one of the most important decision-making factors—how much is Marketplace insurance going to cost?

Prices will be available October 1, 2013, when open enrollment starts and you can begin shopping. They aren’t available now because all insurance plans through the Marketplace will be offered by private insurance companies. They need time to decide which plans to offer and how much each plan will cost.

The good news is that starting in October, when you use the Marketplace to compare plans you’ll see prices for all plans available to you. Prices will show any cost savings you may be eligible for based on your income.

These lower costs are available only in the Marketplace. Depending on your income, you may qualify for lower costs on your monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

You’ll learn whether you’re eligible for lower costs when you complete your application after October 1. In the meantime, you can answer a few quick questions and find out if you may be eligible for lower costs based on your income.

Learn more about getting lower costs on coverage.

To learn more about the health insurance marketplace and ObamaCare please see our Hot Topic – ObamaCare Health Insurance.