Job seekers: Looking for a new job in 2014?

job huntingJob seekers: ReferenceUSA from Infogroup® can aid in your job search by giving you access to more than 14 million employers. Use this business database to conduct research about industries and companies of interest to you. Find executives, corporate families, company size and more!

ReferenceUSA has prepared a tip sheet – Job Hunter: Finding a job using the Job Module – specifically for job seekers.

Are you a small business owner? Or are you job hunting?

refusa competive advantageNancy Spidle from ReferenceUSA will be in town, September 12th at the Summerlin Library at Noon – 1pm to explain how ReferenceUSA (library purchased database) can help business owners market their businesses, job seekers find the hidden job market and sales persons to find customers.

She will repeat the class at Windmill Library – Virtual Training Lab on Friday September 13th at 10:00 a.m.  – 11:00 a.m. (Please note space is limited in the lab but it will be hands on). The Virtual Training Lab is located on the second floor of the Service Center next to Windmill Library. Enter the library and turn right, take the stairs or elevator to the receptionists desk and she will direct you.

All business owners, salesmen , job seekers and interested library patrons are welcome to attend.

What can JobNow do for you?

jobnowLooking for a job? The Library just added a terrific resource for anyone looking for a job,. It’s called JobNow by BrainFuse. Learn how to create a better resume or cover letter; ace the interview with LIVE coaching service (this is worth hundreds of dollars if you hire someone else); and tons of career resources for job seekers including personality and career assessments. Learn more about this resource as well as others on our Hot Topic – Careers and Job Hunting.

Thinking about relocating for a new job?

top 50 cities 2013Did Las Vegas make the list? Check out the latest Glassdoor report for employment satisfaction.

Across 50 of the largest U.S. metros, we factored compensation and benefits, senior management ratings, company outlook, and the number of employers hiring per city. Check out the full list.

Are you a Home-based worker?

Businessman Wearing CapePeople working from home is on the rise since 2005. This includes people who are called mixed-workers, they work one day a week from home. The group represents 9.5% of all works in the U.S. In this group the largest percentage of workers are between the ages of 45-54 years. This age group also contains the largest percentage of home workers who work entirely from home. What has brought about this increase of home-based workers? What occupations are they in? Are there more women than men working from home? These questions and more are answered in Home-based workers in the United States 2010.

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