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Milk May Improve Exercise Recovery

New evidence suggests that by drinking milk after weightlifting, women may gain more muscle and lose more fat than by drinking energy drinks.

The study, published in Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, included 20 aerobically fit women who had not participated in resistance-training programs or taken any dietary supplements eight months before the trial.

Two hours before exercising, the women were only allowed to drink water. The daily workout routine included various exercises, such as pull ups, bench presses and hamstring curls. Immediately after exercising and one hour later, one group of women drank 500 milliliters of fat-free milk, while the rest drank a sugar-based energy drink.

After three months, the researchers found that women in the milk group gained more lean body mass and strength and lost more fat mass compared to the control group.

The results support earlier studies that showed similar results in men.

For more information about post-exercise recovery, please visit Natural Standard’s Sports Medicine database.

We Are losing More Electronic Resources

Many companies have had to cut back on services that are offered to the public because of budget constraints. The Library is also experiencing challenges in regards to services that we offer.

Many online resources will no longer be available, so we will try and offer alternative electronic resources or other sources that may contain the same of similar information. Please remember, we are trying to provide the best service in times of a down economy and we appreciate your understanding.

Starting July 1, 2010, the following resources will no longer be available through the library’s electronic resources;

Oxford English Dictionary Online
Oxford Reference Online
Ulrich Periodicals Directory

Oxford English Dictionary Online – As an alternative to this source, you can use many of the dictionaries that are available at no charge on the Internet. Here are some that we recommend;

  • Merriam Webster Online Dictionary– Free online version of the Merriam-Webster English dictionary, with searchable dictionary definitions, thesaurus, and a student dictionary for kids.

Oxford Reference Online – Another great source to use that will give you as much information as this one is Gale Virtual Reference Library. This full-text electronic resource  contains ebooks of encyclopedias, almanacs and specialized reference sources across a variety of subjects.

This electronic resource provides many ways in which you can search for information. These include, the basic search, the subject guide search, the advanced search and the publication search.

Basic Search – Simply enter a tile in the search box and you will get a results list.

Subject Guide Search – Enter a subject in the search box and use any of the limiters such as publication date, publication title or document type to narrow your results.

Advanced Search – The Advanced search feature allows you to use the Boolean operators, and, not and or to narrow your results. You can also narrow your results list by the limiters provided, which include publication title, publication date, subject area and target audience.

Publication Search – Simply click on a subject from the list. You can expand the results list by clicking on the plus or minus sign.

Ulrich Periodicals Directory – Unfortunately, there is no alternative to using this electronic resource. We have discovered that this electronic resource is available at the University of Las Vegas-Nevada. This resource can only be accessed in person at the Lied Library.

As you can see, there are still electronic resources that will contain information to help in your research. Do you find the replacement electronic resource fun and easy to use? Why or why not?

Travel Guides or Learning a Foreign Language

Summer is often considered the best time for travel. The kids are off of school, the sun is shining, and deals are abundant. If you are like me and want to know where’s the best place to find native food or hang out with the locals – we have your travel needs covered.

From Frommer’s to Moon, Paris to Cancun, and every destination in between, you can create a magnificent activity and cuisine filled vacation with eBooks and audiobooks.

If you’re showing your passport at the gate then you might be in for a destination with a language barrier. Instead of sitting at the gate listening to the latest pop single, why not load up your MP3 player with useful phrases in the native language. Justin Bieber may be universal, but I guarantee you “May I have a glass of water?” is not.

Whether it’s German (Kann ich ein Glas Wasser haben?) or Spanish (¿Puedo tomar un vaso de agua, por favor?) language learning audiobooks will make sure you never go thirsty.

Kobo eReader is compatible with library eBook downloads

OverDrive’s Support Team in preliminary testing results found the Kobo eReader to be compatible with Adobe EPUB and PDF eBooks downloaded from our eMedia Catalog.

Although the Kobo eReader is compatible with the service, there are a couple things you need to be aware of before running to the nearest Borders store:

• If you attempt to open an expired EPUB eBook, you receive a message indicating that the file cannot be opened.
• If you attempt to open an expired PDF eBook, the PDF will close without any messaging.

Next month I’ll provide a full review of the Kobo eReader.

Check out the full list of compatible eBook readers on the Device Resource Center.

Find eBooks from the  Virtual Library at http://eBooks.lvccld.org.