Big Library Read Starts Today!

big lib readThe new Big Library Read initiative is a joint effort between Sourcebooks,
OverDrive and public libraries worldwide.  It’s a unique program (May
15-June 1
) designed to unite the world in reading the same eBook title
at the same time and to demonstrate the influence library
patrons (you) can have. We already know the power of libraries – this is a
unique way to let the rest of the world know!

Excitement is building….since last week, over 2,000 libraries have
opted-in to participate in this event from 8 different countries – on 4
continents! Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, North Las Vegas
Library and Boulder City Library are three of those libraries!

The eBook for this pilot is Four Corners of the Sky (click to get your copy of the eBook) by Michael Malone.  Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Malone, every member of the community (with a valid library card) can read the eBook at the same time at no cost to the library!

If you don’t want to read the eBook version you can still participate with the print version! There are limited copies of The Four Corners of the Sky (click to reserve the print copy) available which you are welcome to begin reading now.

Enter OverDrive’s Library eBook Tournament

library tournamentMarch Madness is upon us, and regardless of whether you follow the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship,
here’s your chance to experience the thrill of bracketology. This month, we’re hosting the first-ever OverDrive Library eBook Tournament.

Like the Final Four, the eBook tourney will follow a
single-elimination model, starting with a large, regional field of competitors and culminating in a championship match-up. In this case, the competitors are library eBooks and audiobooks. We’ve selected the entrants based on the most popular eBooks and audiobooks by region, based on OverDrive digital library statistics.  Now it’s up to you to decide which titles advance to the next round! Simply vote for your favorite regional title using our Survey Monkey page. After each week-long round, we’ll tally the votes to determine which titles advance to the next round.

Here’s the best part: we’ll award a Google Nexus 7 tablet to the library that fields the most participants!

Enter Round 1 of the OverDrive Library eBook Tournament to help determine which books advance to Round 2!

K-12 Students Excel with School eBooks

kids favorites2In a recent post by OverDrive they talk about a recent eBook study done in Australia. The study engaged Australian students with eBooks conducted by the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities and OverDrive reseller Softlink.

Here are the key findings:

  • 41% of student respondents indicated they were reading more than usual by the end of the project
  • 47% of teacher respondents indicated students were enjoying reading more, with 21% believing reading skills were improved
  • 100% of parents/carers expressed desire for ongoing access to eBooks
  • Teachers and teacher librarians saw the greatest benefit was in reading comprehension
  • Students believed using eBooks improved their writing and creativity, and reading independently
  • The benefits of using eBooks are more far reaching than developing confidence using technology
  • The most common devices used for accessing eBooks were school computers, iPads, iPods and home computers.
  • The opportunity to access a range of eBooks enriched the collection of resources available to students and teachers.
  • Reading and writing enjoyment and skills development was evidenced by quality student work samples and feedback resulting from the planned learning activities.

To read more about the study see the original article.

To see our collection of eBooks for doing homework or for reading pleasure visit these sites:

CES, Limitess Possibilites for Library eBooks

This week, all eyes in the tech world are focused on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where manufacturers are vying to unveil the Next Big Thing. This year, the most exciting gadgets share a common thread—they’re smart, responsive and connected. From the Hapifork—a data-collecting, web-enabled utensil that vibrates when you eat too quickly—to the Razer Edge gaming device that converts from tablet to game console to PC, the latest gadgets harness the power of the Internet in creative new ways.

In the world of eBooks, we’re seeing a similar trend towards responsive design. McGraw-Hill introduced an eBook capable of adapting to a student’s learning patterns; PaperTabs unveiled paper-thin, flexible tablets that join together to create bigger displays, exchange information with a simple tap, and take other UI cues from old-fashioned paper. Read more.. At CES, Limitless Possibilities for Library eBooks

Happy Digital Learning Day!

Incorporating eBooks into your lesson plan

On February 1st faculty, teachers and students from all across America will partake in a national celebration of technology.  The first annual Digital Learning Day is dedicated to engaging students and teachers with the newest technologies available in the educational world.
The founders have created the website Digital Learning Day full of great ideas, tool kits and showcases of school districts that are using digital media and advanced technologies to further their students’ educations.  There will even be a town hall meeting you can register for to learn more about the digital learning movement put on by the Alliance for Excellent Education.

If you aren’t able to institute any of their innovative lesson plans, I have some simple ideas for you to use with your students:

  • During silent reading, instead of having students pull out text books, have them check out a title from our digital collection in the eMedia Catalog.
  • Pull up a title on an Interactive White Board for open discussion about sentence structure and parts of speech.  Allow students to highlight favorite or important quotations.
  • Assign a book report using an eBook from the Always Available collection.
  • If you’re just getting started with our digital collection service, spend 15 minutes at the end of class walking your students through the process. You can find lots of help using our eMedia Catalog at eRead Me Vegas – FAQs, Tips and Tricks.

Digital learning day may be February 1st, but incorporating technology into your lesson plans can be a day-to-day exercise.  Whether it’s keeping your students engaged with the Virtual Library or by using Digital Learning Day’s great website tool kits, there are endless ways to keeping your classroom ahead of the curve.