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Commemorating African-American history, heritage, culture, accomplishments and contributions.

African-American author and teacher Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson, who is considered to be the “Father of Black History,” established the first Negro History Week in 1926. Fifty years later, on the nation’s bicentennial, this celebration of African-American heritage was extended to the entire month of February.

A commemoration of the historical, cultural and contemporary roles of African Americans in the United States, Black History Month aspires to educate the nation on topics significant to the African-American experience, including slavery, segregation, and the civil-rights movements. Tribute is paid to leaders, politicians, martyrs, soldiers, artists, authors, and heroes whose remarkable achievements in their respective fields represent the tragedies, triumphs and continuing struggles of the African-American community.

In honor of Black History Month, February’s Spotlight of the Month profiles renowned African Americans of both past and present and reflects on African-American history and culture. use these resources to learn more:

ARTICLES  – From SIRS knowlege Source

1. The Obama Story: The Improbable Journey

2. Toni Morrison: When She Speaks, America Listens

3. The Color of Opportunity: Black Women–The Unfinished Agenda

4. Martin Luther King’s Dream Lives on 40 Years After His Death

5. Harlem to Antarctica for Science, and for Pupils

Other Databases:


Nevada Biographies

During the last week, many students have been asking about biographies of famous Nevadans.


This can be a challenging question, because while many of these people are well-known in Nevada, they may not have had a book length biography written about them.


If you do a library catalog keyword search for Nevada biography, you will find 235 books.   


If the books you need are checked out or if we do not have a book on the person you are studying, I recommend our three biography databases.


·        Biography Reference Bank—If you click on Advanced Search, you can type in Nevada in the Place of Origin to retrieve 52 article-length biographies.


·        Biography Resource Center—Here you can find about 200 biographies, mostly for authors and artists with connections to Nevada, if you do a keyword search for Nevada under Advanced Search.


·        Biography Collection—This database provides 258 very short listings for people with Nevada connections. 


Another other option is to search for newspaper articles.  For example, the Las Vegas Review-Journal archives contain 111 articles relating to former Nevada Lieutenant Governor Sue Wagner.  (Hint: Search Sue Wagner Governor).  


Sealed with a kiss

hersheyIf you’re a chocolate lover, February 9 is no ordinary day-it’s the day that Hershey’s Chocolate Company was founded in 1894. Hershey’s was started by Milton S. Hershey, the son of a Mennonite family who had little formal education but went on to become one of the richest men in America. By 1905, Hershey had built a state-of-the art factory to mass-produce chocolate bars, wafers and other delicious delectables. By 1907, his company had cracked the code and created what would become their best-selling product: the Hershey’s kiss. Coincidentally (or not!), Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so celebrate by getting your sweetie some Hershey’s kisses and checking out a database about this American original.

Suggested Resources for Hershey’s Chocolate Company:

Suggest Resources for Valentines Day:


The pioneers of the American West were a culturally and ethnically diverse group. Hollywood films and history books may focus on white frontiersmen and women, but there were many Mexicans, Asians, and African Americans who helped to settle the “Wild West.” They worked as cowboys, farmers, ranchers, teachers, gold miners, and lawmen, among numerous other professions on the Western frontier.

In the mid- and late 1800s, how many Western frontier cowboys were African American?

Answer Pathfinder

Using Gale Virtual Reference Library

Basic search using keywords: cowboys AND “African Americans” 

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Picturing America

Picturing America is a new website which tells the story of America through study of its art. The site also includes lesson plans for teachers.

This site along with  other great resources can be found on the InfoGuide – American History and Homework Help website.