Taking the new MCAT test? Free practice tests are now available!

college_prep_center-iconEight (8) complete MCAT® practice tests are now available in the College Center in LearningExpress to help you prepare for the new MCAT® 2015 test.


Practice tests for school, college, and work

  • Do you feel like you are constantly being tested? The library can help.  Check out our LearningExpress (Learn a Test) database for online instruction and practice. 
  • Tests include all levels of academic testing and admissions tests, from elementary school to graduate, law school, and medical school. 
  • Or maybe you need to take a test a job you are applying for? Practice tests are available for jobs ranging from civil service to cosmetology, to health careers and law enforcement, to real estate, and the Praxis I and II tests for teachers. 
  • Maybe you are looking for help preparing for the ASVAB or the US Citizenship test? Help with all these tests and others are all available through www.lvccld.org with your valid library card number and PIN.