Las Vegas and Nevada History

Library staff  have created quick start guides (we call them InfoGuides) on a variety of subjects.  These guides contain books for all age levels, databases which contain newspapers and magazine articles as well as ebooks (online versions of the print books), local, regional and national websites. Another unique resource provided is special websites called digital collections.  These digital collections are made up of ‘photographs’ of a variety of historical items.  They might include art work, postcards, photographs, newspapers, magazines, books, artifacts such as vases, tools, and etc. Digital Collections is like going to a museum and learning about a place or a group of people. An example of a digital collection is Buckaroos in Paradise  which tells the history of Nevada cattle-ranching community, with a focus on the family-run Ninety-Six Ranch.

In our InfoGuide – Las Vegas and Nevada History we have gathered together all the Digital Collections pertaining to the history of Las Vegas and Nevada to make it easier for you to find these wonderful resources. We hope having these resources at your figure tips will bring history to life for you.

Gale Virtual Reference Library – New Titles

Tip: If you are looking for a specific author or title and not sure which resource to look in, Gale provides a Literary Index to help you. It also has a ‘Custom Search’ where you can enter an author’s birth date, death date, or nationality.


The following new titles have been added to our Literature Criticism Online ebook collection:

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism Vol 208

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism Vol 209

Poetry Criticism Vol 090

Contemporary Literary Criticism Vol 258

Contemporary Literary Criticism Vol 259

Short Story Criticism Vol 114

Explore the Unknow in October

Join The Library as it explores the unknown. The Library has put together an InfoGuide Explore the unknown. The guide provides a wealth of information on Psychics, astrologers, UFO’s, ghosts and other unusual topics! Includes books for all ages, databases, digital books, websites, local resources and our very own ghost audio files captured by Paranormal investigators, The Ghost Hunters in a local Las Vegas building. Learn more about the Ghost Hunters and other events sponsored by the Library in October.

WorldBook Online – Hidden Treasures

There are three other resources in WorldBook Online which are often overlooked by users – WorldBook Advanced, WorldBook Spanish Language Encyclopedia, and WorldBook Kids.

They are hidden at the bottom of any page within WorldBook.

WorldBook Kids is great for students in elementary grades; WordBook Advance for students in middle and high school grades.

For Teachers there are lesson plans in a variety of areas of the resource.  Check the “Lesson Plans” page above for links.

Do you know?

When was the first slot machine invented? Who invented it? What was it named?

You can find these answers along with a host of other information in Facts for Learning.  While you’re there check out the new interface. In addition to the new look, new features have been added:

  • Search by State Standards: Use the Standards Alignment utility (in Advanced Search) to find Weekly Reader articles corresponding to your state’s curriculum standards.
  • Text-to-Speech: Thousands of Weekly Reader classroom magazine articles can now be heard as well as read. Ideal for beginning readers, ELL, and students with special needs.
  • Easy access to Weekly Reader Magazines – just click the link next to the giraffe at the top of the page.