Looking for a job? Try these top 25 companies

Glassdoor’s annual list of the Top 25 Companies for Career Opportunities  has just been published. It is  based on the reviews and ratings of Glassdoor’s 10 million members, these 25 companies rank highest for career advancement.

Light up the night!

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Light up the night this Halloween! But which type of light bulb is better?  Halogen incandescents, CFLs and LEDs (last 20 years) last longer, and use less energy. Use LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) to save up to 30% on your energy bills.), than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Beginning in 2012, light bulbs had to meet new standards for how much energy they use. Bulbs that don’t will be phased out over the next couple of years. Along with this move to more efficient bulbs, comes a new way to shop for them. Shopping for light bulbs? Learning about lumens is a bright idea.  Got an idea how to light up the world? Join The Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize (L PrizeSM) competition The race to replace the common light bulb

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Brain Teaser – For these animals what are they called?

We recently had a brainteaser about animal offspring. Now here’s a quiz about the names given to male and female animals. Can you state the normal names given to the male and female animals here? Need help? Try Credo Reference.

1. What is the usual name for a female dog?

2. What is the usual word for a male duck?

3. What is the common word for a female fox?

4. What is the word for a female tiger?

5. What is the name for a male rabbit or reindeer?

6. What is the word for a female antelope?

7. A gander is the male of which animal?

8. What is the usual word for a female donkey?

9. What is the usual word for a male swan?

10. A hob is the male of which animal?

How did you do?

0 – 1 Mmmm, not exactly brilliant.
2 – 5 A reasonable stab.
6 – 8 A good showing. But there’s still room for improvement!
9 – 10 You really know your stuff. Well done!

Questions set by Tony Augarde (www.augardebooks.co.uk)

With nice weather finally here let’s talk Playground Safety

If you have playground equipment in your backyard, you’ll want to make it a fun – and safe – place for kids to play. Unfortunately, injuries on home playgrounds can be more than just scraped knees or minor bruises. You can help prevent many of these injuries. The Outdoor home playground safety handbook  highlights the most important safety information you need to know about planning, constructing, and maintaining an outdoor home playground.

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New eBooks Added to Gale Virtual Reference Library

We just added the following titles to Gale Virtual Reference Library. 
These multi-volume eBooks are the same as you would find in a physical library’s reference shelf.

Many of these have also be added to the Middle/High School Homework website.