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Need help learning computer skills? World Book’s Computer Basics section offers the tools you need to operate a computer.

World Book’s Pathfinders are collections of resources, including primary source documents, e-books, encyclopedia articles, and multimedia, on a variety of curriculum topics. Create your own pathfinders and share them!

Terrorists attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. See World Book’s extensive collection of encyclopedia articles, media, and primary source documents about the attacks and their aftermath.

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Important Dates in September. Discover fascinating facts about important historical events that took place in the month of September. (Tip: To find other months – search on the name of the month)

Need homework help? Find the tools you need in World Book’s How to Do Research section.

Was treasure found on the Titanic? Find out from the scientists who discovered the Titanic in World Book Explores the Titanic.

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Brain Teaser – Geography of the World


Image “Map of the World, 1486″, by Ptolemy. Find out more about it on Credo Reference:

Need help with the answers? Use Credo Reference.

1. Which island has the nickname “The Emerald Isle”?

2. Which city is the center of government of the USA?

3. Which country is cut through by the equator, after which it is named?

4. What is the currency of Greece?

5. Which country is also known as Myanmar?

6. In 1971, East Pakistan broke away from West Pakistan to become an independent country called…what?

7. Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, lies on the banks of which river?

8. Which Central American country has had no army since 1948?

9. Democratic elections in 1990 led to Czechoslovakia’s split into two countries – the Czech Republic and which other country?

10. What is the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Find the answers here.

Great Series for Young Adults

Whether it’s centered upon love, sports, school, or family, it is important for a teen to be able to find a book that they can relate to. There is no shortage of these types of titles, especially in series.  Here a few suggestions:

Maximum Ride by James Patterson is about a flock of kids led by Max, all of whom have been genetically altered with bird DNA. Each title in the series sends these kids on a new adventure, and with the 6th book in the series and a major motion picture being released in 2010, this series is sure to keep fans coming back.

Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar is the well-known series about the lives of privileged teens living in New York City’s Upper East Side. The popularity of the series sparked a hit show on CW television and several spin off series including the It Girl Serie

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott has plenty of adventure, thrills, and fantasy. It involves two ordinary teenagers who get caught up in the mystery involving a stolen book of ancient text and magical wisdom, and their attempt to find it before time runs out.

Madison Avery by fantasy author Kim Harrison is a new series about a dead girl who is trying to live a normal life. The first title, Once Dead, Twice Shy, starts this new series off by following the events in the life of the well-developed character Madison Avery.

3willows3 Willows by Ann Brashares who also authored the wildly popular Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. This series follows the ups and downs of three freshman friends starting atthe same high school that the original sisters attended.

These titles and many others can be found in the Library’s eBooks To Go (OverDrive) collection.

from OverDrive’s Digital Library Blog by Lindsey Levinsohn

Hey Kids! Check Out This!

World Book Online for Kidswbkids

Need help with a science project? Find project and experiment ideas in World Book Online for Kids’ Science Project section.

Visit the World of Animals. World Book’s virtual zoo offers encyclopedia articles, fact charts, and multimedia on thousands of animals.

How do animals survive in the desert? Find out in this video.wb animals