Learn How to Find Your First Real Job

First real jobHow to Find Your First Real Job is packed full of tips to help you land your first job. Spend an hour this week with Nancy Spidle from ReferenceUSA and she will give you the best tips to land your first job!

Nancy will be presenting How to Find Your First Real Job at the following locations:

Centennial Hills Library
6711 N. Buffalo Dr.
Apr 6, 2015 at 5:30 p.m.


Sunrise Library 5400 Harris Ave. Apr 7, 2015 at 5:30 p.m.

Las Vegas Library 833 Las Vegas Blvd. N. Apr 8, 2015 at 4:30 p.m.

Spring Valley Library 4280 S. Jones Blvd. Apr 9, 2015 at 3 p.m.


Looking for a job? Want to work under great leadership?

GD_BPTW14_LargeSize_EmailGraphic_AlternateGlassdoor released its 2014 report for the Highest Rated CEOs in America based entirely on employee feedback.Did you know that 2 female CEOs made the 2014 CEOs list (among employers w/ 1000 employees or more) this year? Find out who.  Also new this year, Glassdoor is highlighting the highest rated CEOs among small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

You’ll find Glassdoor along with other great job hunting resources on the library’s Hot Topic – Careers and Job Hunting.


What’s new at the Las Vegas Clark County Library?

It’s new, easy to use and best of all, it’s free. What is it, you ask? It is called Study Guide Zone. The Study Guide Zone was developed to simplify the process and provide you with free, easy-to-understand preparation materials. Whether you are applying for college, looking for a better job, or trying to get into the military, there is something useful for you in the Study Guide Zone.

Can’t use our regular electronic resources because you either do not have a library card or you live outside of the Las Vegas area. No problem, this new site is free for anyone to use and contains all the information you need to better your scores on many of the standardized test that are given today.

Ok, now you want to know how you can access this. Ok, great! Follow these 4 simple steps to get there.

1. Go to our homepage, http://www.lvccld.org
2. Click on “Infoguides” from the left hand side of the page
3. Click on “Test preparation” under “Education”
4. Then look under “websites” and click on the link for “Study Guide Zone.’

How easy was that? Ok, now you are there, what can you do? There are several things you can do on this site.

Test taking: General information
To begin with, the site provides general information for four different kinds of examination: admission, licensing, vocational, and primary/secondary.

1. Admission exams are those like the SAT or GRE that are taken as part of your application to college or graduate school.
2. Licensing exams, for example the NCLEX and Praxis exams are required for certification in professions like teaching and nursing. Vocational exams are part of the admissions process for professional schools and the military.
3. Vocational exams are the ASVAB and the HOBET examinations.
4. Primary and secondary school exams are those like the FCAT and the THEA that are taken by students in elementary, middle, and high school. Success on secondary exams can be essential to advancing to the next grade or receiving a high school diploma.
Test taking: Test preparation
You don’t need general information, because you are already familiar with the test that you need to take. You just need to practice for the test. Ok, no worries, this is where the Study Guide Zone Test Directory comes in handy.

Simply click on the name of your exam and you will be taken to a page containing detailed information and links to free preparation materials. For many of the exams, this preparation material includes extensive guidebooks covering every aspect of the examination. Isn’t this fantastic?

In addition, many of the exam pages listed in the Test Directory contain links to practice questions composed by test experts. Each set of practice questions is modeled directly on the real exam, so that your preparation can be as authentic as possible.
Study tips
Finally, be sure to check out the “Study Tips” section for some great general advice on taking tests, writing research papers, and getting the most out of your time in the classroom. This section of the Study Guide Zone summarizes the most important education research, and, perhaps more importantly, describes some of the ways you can use the insights of this research to improve your performance.

If you find this information useful, please let us know we would love to hear how we can better serve your needs.

College Bound! Help!

Are you a high school junior or senior and you are thinking about college? There are going to be several questions you will need to answer in beginning the search.

1. What college do I want to Attend?
2. What school offers the career choice I am interested in?
3. How much is tuition?
4. What is the average student population?

No worries, we have everything you need in our College Source Online Electronic Resource. As always, remember you need to be a resident of Las Vegas with a valid card # and Pin to access this electronic resource.

In this electronic resource, you will find everything you need in one location, so you will not have to visit the websites of each school that interests you.

There are several ways to search for schools.
1. US Schools, Non US Schools (International) or by All Schools (US and International)

college source
2. School name – simply enter the name of the school in the search box and click “search.”
3. Advanced Search – this will allow you to enter a keyword to search for schools.
Alphabetic Index – Lists colleges and universities in alpha order by institution name.
Country Search – Select a country and get a list of all colleges and universities in that country.
Criteria Search – Select US schools by tuition, enrollment, degrees and other criteria.
Geographic Search – Select US schools within a specific radius of a US city.

Ok, now decide on the search method that is easiest for you. Great, now you have found a school that interests you, you will see the following icons:

college source 2Click on either of the icons to get more information about the college of your choice. Cool and saves so much time!

Also, don’t forget about the College Fair Plus on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 27 and 28 at Cashman Field.

Career Insider

career insiderIn today’s economy, job seekers need to be better informed to compete — from scoring a first interview to securing that final job offer. Career Insider (Formerly Vault Careers) includes a wealth of new content including profiles of today’s hottest industries and companies, up-to-the-minute news from Dow Jones, thestreet.com and AP — and “My Vault,” a customizable career management portal.

The new Vault features insider intelligence on salaries, interview and hiring practices, advancement opportunities and company cultures — for more than 6,000 companies, 200 industries and 400 professions.

Use the job board to post your resume and search for jobs. Join a discussion board to help with your job search.