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On Friday, the Quick Search link under Find Information was discontinued.  The was the link to WebFeat our federated search engine.

We now have Search By Topic which is similar to the subject topics on WebFeat and Databases A-Z.  The difference  of course you have to search individual databases.

To help in your research we have added an Explore section in the library catalog.  This provides an excellent starting point for finding information on a topic for reports or debates.

You will find Explore at the bottom of the your search results page as well as individual pages for a specific book.

By clicking on one of the links, it will execute the same search in a group of resources by one vendor such as EBSCO or Gale.  This will give you a variety of references to use such as magazine and newspapers articles as well as articles in reference books.

Brain Teaser – Energy

Need Help? Try using Credo Reference.

1. In describing electric current, what kind of current does “AC” stand for?

2. What is “desalination”?

3. Is the “neap tide” a high tide or a low tide?

4. The tanker Amoco Cadiz caused an oil spill in 1978 off the coast of which country: France, Canada or the USA?

5. What is “biomass”?

6. The chemical composition of the sun includes 71% of which element?

7. In connection with oil production, what does “OPEC” stand for?

8. The Gulf War of 1990-1991 disrupted the “desert pavement”. What is the “desert pavement”?

9. Describing oil tankers, what is a “Suezmax”?

10. What is the primary source of energy on the earth?

Questions set by Tony Augarde, author of “The Oxford Guide to Word Games”.

Driving While Texting (DWT)

The National Safety Council estimates that cell phone use while driving causes 1.4 million accidents per year. The Highway Loss Data Institute and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently released a study finding that, despite legislation against the use of handheld cell phones while driving, accident claims involving cell phone use have not significantly decreased.

How many accidents result from texting while driving, according to the National Safety Council?

A. About 30,000
B. About 90,000
C. About 200,000
D. About 400,000

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