Brain Teaser – St. Patrick’s Day

Test your knowledge of St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland.  Need help? Use these library online resources: Credo Reference Online or Gale Virtual Reference Library which has titles such as Encyclopedia of Irish History and Culture and Middle Ages Reference Library

1. Who converted much of Ireland from paganism to Christianity?

2. Around which year was St. Patrick born?

3. According to legend, St. Patrick in his mid-teens he was sold by pirates to whom?

4. Many Irish spend the day attending Mass, wearing sprigs of real shamrock, and hailing each other with the traditional St. Patrick’s Day greeting. What is the greeting?

5. Did St. Patrick drive all the snakes out of Ireland or is it a product of medieval legend-making?

6. Was St. Patrick Irish?

7. What is the title of the autobiography about St. Patrick’s life?

8. What symbol of Ireland did St. Patrick is supposedly used as an illustration to explain to a pagan king about salvation in Christ?

9. What country was St. Patrick from when he went as a missionary bishop to Ireland?

10. Who, in reprisal for an Irish raid on the southwestern coast of Britain,attacked the Irish coast, indiscriminately slaughtering its inhabitants?

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