Literature Criticism Online

Looking for criticism of a novel, play, poetry or drama?  Literature Criticism Online is just what you need.

We just added these new titles to our vast collection of literature criticism:

  • Contemporary Literary Criticism Vol 311
  • Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism Vol 246
  • Poetry Criticism Vol 121
  • Short Story Criticism Vol 156

New Literature Criticism

The following titles have been added to our Literature Criticism Online resource:

Contemporary Literary Criticism Vol 302

Drama Criticism Vol 042

Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism Vol 238

Poetry Criticism Vol 114

Short Story Criticism Vol 148

Short Story Criticism Vol 149

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism Vol 248

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism Vol 249

Did you know you can see what is in each volume?

Here’s how:

  1. Log into Literature Criticism Online
  2. Enter the Year of Publication  –  example: 2011
  3. Select the Title of the work  you want to see
  4. Click Search
  5. On the first entry Select  Inside this Entry
  6. Select Inside this Volume

You should see the table of contents for the volume.

Literature Criticism

The following new books have been added to Literature Criticism Online:

Contemporary Literary Criticism Vol 300

Contemporary Literary Criticism Vol 301

Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism Vol 237

Poetry Criticism Vol 113

Short Story Criticism Vol 146

Short Story Criticism Vol 147

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism Vol 247