Hot Topics & Databases A-Z get a new look!

DATABASES A-ZOur Databases A-Z page and Hot Topics has a new look and more content! The easiest way to access Databases A-Z is click on the big blue button labeled Go to A-Z List. (hint: if you don’t see it on your screen scroll to the right or if viewing on a small screen scroll down). Students will also find Homework Help and it too has a new look and great new content for getting their homework done quickly.

Looking for a Science Project?

Checkout the eMedia Catalog and publisher Cherry Lake for science projects for Elementary school students.

Science Explorer Junior is a series of books which provides step-by-step instructions for performing experiments with
insects, rocks, liquids, magnets and more. Investigating various prinicples about their behavior.

To do a publisher search in the eMedia Catalog:

  1. Select Advanced Search.
  2. Scroll down to the publisher drop down list and find Cherry Lake.
  3. Click Search at the bottom of the page.

For additional Science Project ideas for all ages visit the Hot Topic – Science Projects which has a ton of great resources including library databases, books, videos and vetted websites.

Back to School Time – The Library Can Help You With Your Homework!

homework helpGot Homework? The Library has terrific online resources available 24/7 365 days a year, which makes it quick and easy to do your homework. There are Always Available eBooks, databases and vetted websites in all subject areas. Best of all there is FREE online Tutoring with a real teacher!  Available for all grade levels and subjects. So there is no excuse for poor grades this year with all our terrific resources. To get started visit our Hot Topics, select your subject area or select Databases A-Z. Students can also access Homework Help pages by grade level from the Library’s Homepage. And Teachers, we have not forgotten you! We have put together a new tool called the Teacher’s Toolbox which is full of lesson plans, activities and what the library can do for you and your students.

We’re Losing More Databases!

Many companies have had to cut back on services that are offered to the public because of budget constraints. The Library is also experiencing challenges in regards to services that we offer. In the near future, you will begin to notice that we have made several changes to our electronic resources. Many sources will no longer be available, so we will try and offer alternative electronic resources or other sources that may contain the same of similar information. Please remember, we are trying to provide the best service in times of a down economy and we appreciate your understanding.

After June, 2010, the following resources will no longer be available through the library’s electronic resources;

1. Grolier Online
2. Grove Encyclopedia of Art
3. Grove Encyclopedia of Music

1. Grolier Online – This electronic resource contained many encyclopedias that could be searched all at once. Instead, you can try World Book. World Book allows you to Search all encyclopedia articles, multimedia, periodical, e-book, and primary source databases in a single search, or use our image search to focus on the site’s multimedia collection. You can find all the information you need on any research topic,

You can search the following categories in World Book Info Finder to find information;

  • World Newspapers
  • World Book Explorers
  • Current Events
  • Research Tools
  • Science Projects
  • Biography Center

You can find information using the following search methods;

  • Search box
  • A-Z
  • By subject
  • Images and Videos
  • Dictionary
  • Advanced Search

2.Grove Encyclopedia of Art – We have no electronic resource that you can use instead of this one, but we have an entire “Hot Topic” that will help with many of your art needs. The “Hot Topics” is a place where you can find websites, books, databases and much more. Each “Hot Topic” is devoted to one subject area.

To find the Hot Topics, follow these simple instructions;

  1. Go to our homepage,
  2. Click on Find Information
  3. Click on Hot Topics
  4. Under General Reference, click on Art

3. Grove Encyclopedia of Music – There are a few resources to use to get information on music.

For Composers –  Biography Resource Center is the best place if you need information on any composers. You can either enter the name in the search box, or you can use the Biographical Facts Search and find various composers by using the Occupation limiter.

For Music History –  Student Research Center covers a broad range of general topics designed to assist middle school and high school students. Includes a dictionary, an encyclopedia, with the ability to search by topic.

As you can see, there are still electronic resources that will contain information to help in your research. Do you find this electronic resource fun and easy to use? Why or why not?

How to Pick a Research Topic Using iTHINK Skills Tutor

Which statement most strongly supports your opinion?

Which is the better source for obtaining relevant background information?

Which statement shows bias?

Use this interactive tutorial to learn how to select a topic, how to separate fact from opinion, analyze, evaluate and interpret evidence, and draw conclusions.

When you are done with the tutorial go to SIRS Knowledge Source to get started on your research.