Do you know if you have opted in for debt and ATM overdraft coverage?

closeup of blank checkAn overdraft occurs when you spend or withdraw more money than is available in your checking account. Banks or credit unions can advance you money to cover the shortfall and charge you a fee. Know your options with these fees – read Do you know if you have opted in for debt and ATM overdraft coverage?

Year-End Financial Planning


Mutual fund

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The end of the year brings with it many activities—holiday shopping, gatherings with family and friends, and planning for the year ahead. Part of that planning should involve the not-insignificant matter of getting one’s financial house in order.

From evaluating a portfolio, to choosing a 529 college savings plan, to looking for ways to reduce taxes, the LVCCLD – Virtual Library can help.

For instance, Morningstar Investment Research Center, an online database in our collection designed specifically for individual investors, includes research on more than 35,000 stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. The database also allows you to build and test a portfolio and take interactive workshops and classes to sharpen your investing skills.

Morningstar Investment Research Center, is just one example of how the Virtual Library`s databases can help you secure your future. Stop by the Virtual Library anytime, we are open 24/7 and get on the road to financial security. You will need a valid LVCCLD  library card and PIN to gain access to the most current stock and fund information from home or office.

More Credit Ratings in Morningstar

Hundreds More Credit Ratings and the Fourth-Quarter Market Outlook

In an effort to keep growing their bond database, Morningstar has added over 300 more corporate credit ratings to Morningstar Investment Research Center. You can find the ratings under the Companies section of the database by clicking on Bond Ratings. For questions on their methodology, visit the Help & Education page and click on The Rating for Bonds.

October marks the beginning of the fourth quarter, and they have updated the Markets page with their newest Market Outlook. You will find the document under Q3 of the Quarterly Industry Reports section. The piece looks at what happened during the past quarter and includes analyst insights for industries in the fourth quarter.