Got a Nevada Project Due? Use Hot Topic – Nevada History

nv150Learn all about Nevada’s 150 years of history. We have gathered the best resources for your Nevada History project and put them all in once place.


Do you know the real story behind Nevada Day?

nevada day historyYou will find this information as well as myths, legends, famous Nevadans and more on Nevada History-Hot Topic

Nevada History

nevada historyGot a Nevada History project due soon? Check out the Hot Topic – Nevada History on the Homework Resources page.

Got a library card? Use America the Beautiful or CultureGrams for your report.

Don’t have a library card? No problem.  Select the nevada factsFast Facts and Symbols (click on the picture of the big horn sheep, he’ll take you there) or select links from the Nevada History box.

Looking for famous Nevadans? Select the Nevadans tab. Need a book about Nevada? Select the Books about Nevada tab. The Discovering American – Nevada eBook is an Always Available eBook, which is great for meeting last minute information needs.

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My Nevada State Project is due tomorrow!! Help!!

It’s 9 P.M. and the library is now closed, but your Nevada project is due tomorrow. Now what?

Check out the America the Beautiful online resource located under Databases A-Z from the Library’s homepage. This resource is available to all Nevadans with a Nevada library card!

The teacher only wants facts, so you don’t want to look through pages of information. What now!

Well, after you click on Nevada from the map, just look on the left hand side of the page for the links in red.Nevada ATB

Ok, you found it. Great! Now all you have to do is click on Fast Facts. What is so cool about this is, you can simply scroll down the page and just copy the information that you need.

Oops, you remember, you must include pictures in your report. Ok, still not a problem. If you are using the computer to type your assignment, simply scroll across the picture with your mouse until you see the hand. Next, just click on the right hand side of the mouse and you should see a box pop up. Ok, scroll down to Copy image and then click.

Got it? Great!

Now go back to the page you are working on and place your cursor where you want your picture. Ok, you did! Now, click the right hand side of the mouse again to get the box to pop up. Next, just click Paste. The picture should appear in that space. Are you smiling now?

Not using the computer to type the report. Still not a problem! Just draw the picture on your paper, or just print the page and cut the image out and paste the picture into your report.

You also just remembered, you need a famous Nevadan. Another cool thing about this database is that you can just click on Profiles from the red links to get a list of famous Nevadans. How cool is that?