October Hot Topics in the News, Turn Them into a Research Topic!

newsbank special reportsUse NewsBank Special Reports – Current Events Research Topics

Civics, Government and Politics: Combatting ISIS

TOPIC: The United States is leading a coalition of governments in the fight against the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL.) The coalition is bombing IS troop positions, munitions dumps and economic entities in both Iraq and Syria. What other governments have joined the coalition? What are their rationales for doing so? How effective is a bombing campaign likely to be?


Civics, Government and Politics: Hong Kong Erupts

TOPIC: Students have led the protests against the fact that the Chinese Communist Party wants to choose all the candidates in the election for the leader of Hong Kong. The protesters think the elections should be open to all candidates. How did the authorities react to the protests?

SEARCH TERMS: Hong Kong AND elections AND protests

HEALTH: Ebola Virus   

TOPIC: The Ebola virus has been diagnosed in a patient in Dallas, Texas. How much contact with others has this patient had? What is being done to contain the virus? What are some things that U.S. hospitals are worried about when it comes to their capacity to treat and contain Ebola?


For additional resources see Hot Topics – Leading Issues


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