Do you understand the business environment? You need to have the right information!

business insightsSuccess in business requires insight and adaptability. But making the RIGHT changes requires a full understanding of the business environment… and that means having the right information. Not a Business.
Gale’s Business Insights: Essentials provides the tools that entrepreneurs and business professionals need to help their businesses adapt and thrive, and that business students need to remain aware of emerging trends. This resource become even easier to use with these new enhancements:

  • Improved search relevance results
  • New HTML article download option so users can easily highlight text
  • New search box drop-downs by company, industry, article, and keyword
  • Improved home page design with new navigational pathways to frequently searched content, such as company profiles, also bringing Thomson Reuters reports to the forefront
  • Restyled profile pages with company information (formerly “related content”) and related articles by subject sections
  • Additional search results page limiters, including full-text only, peer-reviewed only, and publication date.

These updates to Business Insights: Essentials makes it easier than ever for business students and other business-minded folk to keep moving forward on the right track.


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