Students tell their story about homework help!

Students Doing HomeworkEvery month students using our homework help online service tell us how BrainFuse has helped them with their homework. Below are the comments students provided in February 2014. Have you tried BrainFuse yet? If so, how has it helped you?

Student Comments

  • Thank You
  • Very Helpful, encouraging, ad nice.
  • My tutor, Lawrence, was really helpful. I was able to grasp many of the probability concepts that I was having trouble with. I will use Brainfuse again!
  • i have alot of clear understanding on perimeter now.
  • Never delete this website. you guys are the reason i still believe in myself.
  • the tutors were extremely helpful with my assignment. Thank you very much for this service.
  • One of the greatest uses of tax dollars we’ve seen! Excellent service that we are grateful to have.
  • Good teachers and teaching help
  • Thank you! I love this!
  • parents love it too.
  • GREAT!
  • KenB THINKS he knows the answer.
  • Very helpful
  • gooc.
  • This is an excellent program. I would recommend this to anyone. Very helpful. Helped me understand my Algebra ll. I will be using this program in the future.
  • I loved it it help A LOT thanks
  • This program is great. It helps me so much on my homework. I just got done with Physics and my grade is finally improving! Great job 🙂
  • This is really a great service. I know how to do my homework now.
  • HomeroP is a good tutor!

Here just a few of the subjects students ask for help in:

  • High School Writing         27.53%
  • Algebra 2             11.06%
  • Algebra 1             8.64%
  • Precalculus         7.26%
  • Chemistry           7.14%
  • Geometry           6.45%
  • Social Studies Grade 11 5.18%
  • Middle School Math       3.11%
  • Pre-Algebra        3.0%
  • Reading – Grades 10-12 2.65%
  • Math Grade 6    2.65%
  • Biology 2.53%
  • Math Grade 5    2.07%

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