Artemis – New Tool for Literature Students & English Teachers

artemis wheelArtemis moves beyond the limitations of simple search and retrieve – it offers users the ability to search across both primary and secondary materials as well as different subjects and genres. It also adds term clusters and term-graphing tools to allow users to conduct new kinds of analysis on familiar content sets, thematic subject indexing to aid in content discovery, and interface updates that conform to today’s design standards, including sharing and collaboration tools. Overall, Artemis will transform the way students and researchers explore material, giving them the ability to challenge assumptions and create new theories and academic debate.

By being able to search across all literature collections, students can explore artifacts that had previously been worlds apart in the great digital divide. For example, a student seeking information on Tom Sawyer, would be able to find: curated critical commentary from Gale’s Novels for Students series, biographies from Notable American Novelists; copies of reviews from a variety of newspapers and magazines, and original related content from primary sources such as the Mark Twain Journal.

At the click of the mouse, students can find relationships between the term Tom Sawyer and how it relates to keywords such as Mississippi using Term Clusters. They can also see over time how popular a term is in literature using Term Frequency.

This resource from the library will make writing your English paper easy!

To use Artemis or to learn more about it visit Literature and Poetry on Hot Topics – Databases A-Z


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