Wondering when Marketplace plan costs for ObamaCare will be available?

obamacareWe know you’ve been doing your research and want to know one of the most important decision-making factors—how much is Marketplace insurance going to cost?

Prices will be available October 1, 2013, when open enrollment starts and you can begin shopping. They aren’t available now because all insurance plans through the Marketplace will be offered by private insurance companies. They need time to decide which plans to offer and how much each plan will cost.

The good news is that starting in October, when you use the Marketplace to compare plans you’ll see prices for all plans available to you. Prices will show any cost savings you may be eligible for based on your income.

These lower costs are available only in the Marketplace. Depending on your income, you may qualify for lower costs on your monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

You’ll learn whether you’re eligible for lower costs when you complete your application after October 1. In the meantime, you can answer a few quick questions and find out if you may be eligible for lower costs based on your income.

Learn more about getting lower costs on coverage.

To learn more about the health insurance marketplace and ObamaCare please see our Hot Topic – ObamaCare Health Insurance.

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