The next front? Student Loan Servicing and the Cost to our Men and Women in Uniform

the next frontWith the budget talks occurring in Washington it not surprising to learn that many of our military personnel have issues with repaying  their student loan debt. Congress has enacted a number of protections and benefits for service members to help manage their student loan debt. Unfortunately, the complexities of these provisions, together with problems in loan servicing, have created difficulties for many military families when attempting to manage their debt. According to National Center for Education Statistics, the average cumulative amount of student loan debt for active-duty service members graduating from college in 2008 was $25,566.1 With over two million men and women serving in the military, ensuring access to clear information about how to successfully manage this debt is critical.  Read The Next Front to learn the issues face our military personnel.

Additional Library Resources:

Opposing Viewpoints in Context – Student Loans


2 thoughts on “The next front? Student Loan Servicing and the Cost to our Men and Women in Uniform

  1. This is of limited use to library patrons and belongs on services regarding veterans affairs and student debt. Messages from the library are much less useful if the library chooses to spam users with non-relevant messages.

    • We are one of the few libraries in the country, which get documents from the Government Print Office. The purpose of the blog post is to let users know about this resource by highlighting each week a GPO document. If may not be useful to you but military personnel are library users too, so they may find useful.

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