Brain Teaser – Thankgiving Day

Are you getting ready to sit down to dinner with Turkey, cranberry sauce and all those other goodies? Here’s some trivia you can test your guests with at the dinner table! Let’s see if they know the history behind Turkey day! Need help? See Credo Reference.

1. Which month was the 1st Thanksgiving mostly likely held in?

2. What was the name of the Native American tribe who out numbered the colonist and they had a feast with?

3. How many days was the first Thanksgiving celebration?

4. After the American Revolution War the first national Thanksgiving Day in 1789, was proclaimed by President George Washington. What date was it held on?

5. Which president proclaimed Thanksgiving Day to be held on the last Thursday of November?

6. In 1939, 1940, and 194, this president tried to change Thanksgiving Day to the next to the last Thursday in November, who was it?

7. Why do we eat Turkey on Thanksgiving day?

8. What was the name of the colony in 1621, who held the 1st Thanksgiving?

9. In the poem: Over the river and through the wood,
 To _____________ house we go. – whose house do we go according to the original poem?

10. Who campaigned for 30 years to establish Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday?

How did you do?

0 – 1 Mmmm, not exactly brilliant.
2 – 5 A reasonable stab.
6 – 8 A good showing. But there’s still room for improvement!
9 – 10 You really know your stuff. Well done!

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