Need Help with Homework?

We got you covered with our new Homework Help website! This cool site makes it easy to get your homework done. Loaded with direct links to the answers and reference eBooks always available, you can wait do your homework after the Libraries close at 7pm! If you get stuck on a Math problem or don’t understand your Chem homework, connect with a Live Tutor for FREE at BrainFuse and get the help you need.  Hate writing a paper because you don’t get a good grade? Use the BrainFuse’s Writing Lab.

They tutors will review your paper and suggest improvements. Best of all, you can keep revising it with their help as many times as you need to and who knows you may just get an “A” on it!

Learn more about what BrainFuse can do for you!

Are you a parent and have a teenager or a teacher?  Visit LVCCLDLibrary on Facebook and click Homework gift to send your teens a gift of Homework Help.


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