U.S. Holidays Lesson Plans

Students will design an original idea for a new monument to be placed in Washington D.C., create a video that teaches about a selected American holiday and watch a video to learn about the history of Memorial Day and Labor Day.

View the video History of Memorial Day from the History Channel.

Discussion Guide

Lesson Plan 1- Building New Monuments

Objective:  Students will design a new monument honoring a person or event of their choice, to be placed in Washington D.C.

Lesson Plan 2- Welcome to the U.S.

Objective:  Students will work in groups to create a video designed to teach viewers about an American holiday

Lesson Plan 3- History of Labor Day

Objective:  Students will view a video about the history of Labor Day and respond in writing to a selection of prompts

21st Century Core Content
Government and Civics

21st Century Themes
Civic Literacy

21st Century Skills
Think Creatively
Work Creatively With Others
Communicate Clearly
Collaborate with Others
Work Independently
Be Self-directed Learners
Interact Effectively with Others
Work Effectively in Diverse Teams
Produce Results
Guide and Lead Others
Be Responsible to Others

Additional Resources:
U.S. Memorial Day.org
USA Federal Holidays.com
American Holidays by USA.Gov
American Family Traditions.com
American History by History.com

Additional Resources from U.S. History InContext:
9/11 Tenth Anniversary
Women in the Military
Immigrants and Immigration
North and South Korean Conflict
Afghan War

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