Living Life Online

We’ve all heard about the pervs online. And we know about people killing themselves because they’ve been picked on online. Yadda yadda, blah, blah, blah. Heard that, done that.

But do you really know about the pervs? Do you really know what you sound like online? You could really hurt someone, just making a joke. And the pervs know you “know it all” – and they’re ready for you!

What’s your tech personality? And what gives with sexting (is there a safe way?) Can you really spot the bogus emails and ads that loot your email, then brick your phone?

You may not know it all, after all! Living Life Online will be an eye opener.

Additional Library Resources:

Cyber Bullying Hot Topic
Identity Theft and Fraud Hot Topic
Connect Safetly
Save Teens
Keep Safe

Useful books :

Avoiding predators online 
Gaming : playing safe and playing smart
Using the Internet safely for seniors for dummies

Logged on and tuned out
What in the world are your kids doing online?



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