Learn a New Language this Summer and become immersed in the Language and the Culture!

Have you always wanted to learn another language? We make it easy with Powerspeak Languages!  It doesn’t just give users words to memorize—it immerses you in the language and the culture. Whether learning a new language for business or pleasure, being a global citizen means knowing how to communicate beyond ordering a drink or asking for the location of the train station. The Powerspeak Languages online learning program provides a rich language learning experience that uses audio, video, and interactive lessons to take you beyond rote memorization to a deep understanding of how to communicate with confidence in a new language.
Each language features video instructions, tips, summaries, and guidance from a knowledgeable native speaker, called the Virtual Coach. This coach also offers encouragement and shares interesting facts about the language and the speakers.
Video, audio, and interactive activities include:

  •  Matching to Pictures
  •  Listen, Record, and Compare
  •  Audio Matching
  •  Spoken Practice
  •  Pictures
  •  Walk-Through
  •  Listening
  •  Flashcards
  •  Word Order
  •  Check Your Understanding
  •  Matching

View this video on how to get started learning: 

View this video to learn how to use Powerspeak Languages:


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