Workplace Violence: Is it always disgruntled employees who are violent? Who’s the most likely target?

We’ve all heard about people “going postal” and shooting up their former place of employment. It doesn’t happen very often, but it’s scary and sad when it does.

What we hear about less, but which happens a lot more, is lower levels of violence. In 2009, there were over half a million nonfatal violent crimes in workplaces. Half a million – and we never heard about those.

Where does workplace crime happen? Is it always “disgruntled employees” who are violent? Who’s the most likely target? To learn more about work place violence read Workplace violence, 1993-2009 National Crime Victimization Survey and Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries / by Erika Harrell.   

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Additional Resources

OSHA – Workplace Violence

USDA – Workplace Violence Prevention and Response




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