Students Love Biography in Context

Student love Biography in Context! In a recent survey by ForeSee Results, Inc. An analysis of ForeSee survey data revealed a significant increase. High school student satisfaction increased an impressive 5 points to 76 for the period ending Nov. 2011, and college student satisfaction continues to be exceptional, scoring above 80.  Changes in satisfaction over time are very meaningful – a sustained change of 2-3 points (up or down) is statistically significant and changes greater than 5 points are considered major events.

In addition, the results show that high school student satisfaction in all measured categories – content, look and feel, navigation, search, site performance, likelihood to return and likelihood to recommend – has increased for the time period ending Nov. 2011:

  • Content – 81 (+5 points)
  • Look & Feel – 71 (+1 point)
  • Navigation – 76 (+5 points)
  • Search – 73 (+1 point)
  • Site Performance – 78 (+3 points)
  • Likelihood to Return – 83 (+2 points)
  • Likelihood to Recommend – 71 (+3 points)

If you have not used Biography in Context, give it a try and let us know if you agree with the high school and college students surveyed.


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